Oct 252013

By Nick Worth
The Navajo County budget received a boost from higher than expected sales tax revenues for the period of July 1-Oct. 20 of this year.
County Finance Director James Menlove told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday the income to the county from both county sales tax and the state shared sales tax are up almost 10 percent from the totals for the same period last year.
In July of the 2012-13 fiscal year, the county received $832,326 in state shared sales tax revenues. For July of this year, 2013-14, the figure was $906,773, a difference of almost $75,000.
The numbers for August show an $80,264 increase from $841,338 to $921,600. September’s numbers also show an increase of $82,736 from 2012-13 revenue.
As of Oct. 20, the state shared sales tax revenues to Navajo County total a little over $897,890, an increase of just over $90,400 from last October’s total of $807,400.
In all, the figures show a 9.9 percent average increase over last year’s numbers and an average increase of 6.28 percent over the projected revenue for this year.
County sales tax revenues show a similar trend. The total for July of last year was $538,750 while this year’s July revenues were just over $566,000, a gain of $27,250. In August of this year the county sales tax revenue showed an increase of over $45,000. September brought an increase of $37,000 and by Oct. 20 of this year, there was a $59,400 increase for an average of 7.64 percent gain over the 2012-13 numbers and a 6.57 percent increase over the projected figures for that period.
The general fund vehicle license tax showed a dip of $11,400 for July, but rebounded with a $9,200 increase in August. No numbers were yet available for September and October.