Oct 252013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council received good news Tuesday evening during an update regarding the cost of water tank repairs.
A representative of the company doing the repairs said that the tank repair would cost $395,000, which is considerably less than the $2 million a replacement would cost.
He said that the tank is in fairly good condition, but needs to have what was the wrong material removed from the walls and floor, and those sandblasted and painted. He said that he has a little concern for the floor, but should know how much in 2½ weeks.
A resolution was approved designating date and purpose of the March 11 and May 10 city council elections, designating the elections as mail ballot elections, and designating the deadline for voter registration, and the place and last date for registration.
City Attorney Dale Patton said that he expects no problem on the issue from the state. The state has already allowed exceptions to the all-inclusive election date requirement and the city’s should be another one.
The elections of three council members and a mayor will include a primary on March 11 and a general election on May 20. The last day for registration for the primary election will be Feb. 11 and for the general election, April 21. Nomination papers must be filed with the city clerk by Dec. 11. The earliest date to obtain nomination papers will be Nov. 8.
The quarterly financial report was given and the city was said to be doing fairly well, although revenues remain less than in previous years.
Discussion of a policy regarding issuance of new liquor licenses resulted in no action. The council does not issue liquor licenses, but merely makes recommendations to the state board which does. It is not known whether the state has rejected any of the few the council has recommended be denied.
A decision was made to cancel the Nov. 26 and Dec. 24 council meetings.
An executive session for discussion regarding the city manager vacancy was withdrawn from the agenda.
Personnel Manager David Coolidge had reported earlier that the applicants have been narrowed to two who will be invited to come for interviews with their spouses. The council will be the interviewers.
As the Public Housing Authority the council amended, then adopted resolutions regarding criminal activity which makes people ineligible for public housing, how long the authority will wait for documentation, previous and updating the utility allowance for voucher rates.
Nov. 4 was proclaimed as Winslow Native American Day. Members of the Tribe of Many Feathers high school club accepted the proclamation, and invited the council and public to their celebration.
An ordinance amending the city code to include amendments to the section regarding signs permitted in each zoning district was removed from the agenda and will be considered at a future meeting.
In the call to the public and other comments, Marie LaMarr told of a man who saved animals from a flood in Bushman Acres, and said that the animal care facility should not be near the wastewater treatment plant in the flood zone.
Judy Howell agreed with that and said the facility needs a full-time employee.
There were other comments regarding location of the animal care facility.
Librarian Docia Blaylock said that the Friends of the Library book sale had been a success and raised nearly $2,000.
A presentation by a representative of Logan Simpson Design on the Route 66 Plaza design concept was postponed until a future meeting.
The consent calendar resulted in approvals of the check register, minutes of an Oct. 8 council meeting and an agreement with the Lady Dawgs softball organization for use of city facilities.