Oct 302013

By Julie Wiessner
On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters will be asked to extend the current 10 percent Maintenance and Operations Budget override for the Holbrook Unified School District for another five years. Override funding allows two things for the district, according to its officials.
The district is able to offer a full range of academic opportunities for students, including programs such as physical education, music, fine arts, interscholastic sports and advanced classes. It is also a part of the district’s budget committed to continue current staffing, salaries and benefits for faculty and support staff.
Current Arizona law allows districts to ask voters to approve up to 15 percent for a maintenance and operations budget override, as well as a 10 percent capital override.
The voters have approved the current 10 percent level of the budget override since the 1989-90 school year. The estimated tax rate per $100 of assessed valuation to fund the override is $2.5620.
Even though it is a seven-year override, the sixth and seventh years would be phase down years. Year six would be equal to two-thirds of that 10 percent and year seven would be one-third of that 10 percent.
To avoid the phase down, the district goes back to the voters every five years to keep the full 10 percent override funding level in place.
A yes vote on the district’s ballot is for a continuation of the current funding levels, while a no vote would phase the current funding levels down over three years.
For more information, voters may refer to Page 6 of the Voter Informational Pamphlet/Report and Text of Ballot for the special override election prepared by Navajo County School Superintendent Linda L. Morrow.
In addition, the Holbrook School District will hold a public forum to address any questions or concerns the community may have regarding the upcoming override election from 6 to 7:30 tonight (Oct. 30) in the city council chambers at Holbrook City Hall, located at 465 First Ave.