Nov 152013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council discussed the selection of an animal care facility site at length Tuesday evening, but no decision was made.
One site was moved for selection, but there was no second to the motion. The plans for the building have been made, but the location must still be determined.
Interim City Manager Dale Patton and his designees reported to the council on recent city activities.
Allen Rosenbaum reported that the water tank being repaired needs a floor replaced and the walls patched. He said that the tank would last another 20 to 25 years if repaired properly for a total of $195,000. A new tank would cost about $2 million.
Scott Lancaster reported on the building being rented by the Council on Aging.
Police Chief Steve Garnett reported on a program to ease the street people and alcohol problem costing more than $20,000 per month in overtime and jail time.
A couple from Kokopelli Climbers reported on cleaning the area of Clear Creek and their efforts to establish a youth climbing club. They held a cleaning event at Clear Creek and intend to hold more regularly.
A representative of Logan Simpson Design reported on the Route 66 Plaza concept design.
The council voted to continue with the design concept as presented.
Executive Director Sarah O’Connell of the Winslow Council of Aging spoke about that program and its benefits, such as meals for needy elderly, transportation for medical purposes and a wide variety of such services. She said that the facility is in poor shape and in need of repairs. She also said that the agency is getting less funding from several sources and has received about $20,000 less this year than last year.
Judge Alison Kolomitz gave the quarterly court report.
There was considerable discussion of recommended adjustments on community improvement projects, with recommended changes in when they would be done and changes in the budget. The council voted to table this item until a future meeting.
An agreement for additional services with Woodson Engineering for Winslow Frontage Road improvements was authorized in the amount of $43,700.
A resolution was adopted approving an intergovernmental agreement with the state relating to reconstruction and widening of Transcon Lane.
The allocation of city employee bonuses was approved in the amounts of $1,500 for full-time employees, $750 for part-time employees and lesser amounts for seasonal employees.
An ordinance was adopted amending the city code regarding signs permitted in each zoning district. This was done at the request of a business owner and was seen as a needed change.
An ordinance was adopted amending the city code, clarifying and listing the authority and duties of the Humane Services supervisor and Humane Services officers.
An executive session was held for legal advice regarding pending or contemplated litigation regarding a construction contract.
Action taken after the executive session was to instruct the city attorney to handle the situation.
The council recommended approval of a liquor license at PT’s, located at 1500 E. Third St.
During the call to the public, Tom McCauley encouraged the city to stress the need for citizens to shop locally, citing the benefits of doing so.
Marie Lamar spoke about a code enforcement problem.
Judy Howell said that the animal care facility should do more to protect animals from the winter weather.
The consent calendar was adopted, giving approval of the check register, and minutes of the Oct. 15, 22 and Nov. 2 council meetings.