Nov 202013

By Julie Wiessner
The Arizona Corporation Commission decided last week to impose a 70-cent per kilowatt/per month fee on new rooftop solar customer installations, beginning Jan. 1, 2014. Those residential customers with rooftop solar currently in place and those who have it installed up to Dec. 31 will be grandfathered under the existing rules and rates.
The fee will be used to pay for infrastructure costs associated with connecting to and use of the grid in order to keep it in good working condition.
The commission’s 3-2 vote in favor of this fee did not set well with Arizona Public Service Co. officials, as they felt it was not in the best interest of the customers who do not yet have solar, but have been paying a larger portion to keep up with infrastructure costs than their solar neighbors. The APS proposal submitted earlier this year asked for a $50 to $100 increase per month in infrastructure fees for new solar customers.
On average, the new 70-cent per kilowatt/per month fee will be around $4.48 per month and will remain in place until APS files its next rate case in 2015.