Nov 292013

By Nick Worth
Although there has been a slowdown in street and road paving work in the last couple of months, Holbrook city crews have been staying busy with a variety of projects, according to City Finance Director Randy Sullivan.
Sullivan said there are two reasons roadwork has slowed down in the city in recent months, weather and budgetary reasons.
“We slowed down quite a bit earlier because of the budget, but now it’s mostly the weather,” said Sullivan.
Sullivan said no one has been laid off at the city because of the slowdown in street paving projects.
“We’ve been doing crack sealing on the roads we poured over the summer,” said Sullivan. “We’ve done a lot up on Spurlock Avenue and Smith Avenue, and the roads in that area we think are save-able.”
Sullivan said the crack sealing is to prevent moisture from getting into cracks that form in the road and freezing during the winter.
Road crews have also been filling potholes, and fixing and cleaning out drainages and drainage ditches, and the water department has been winterizing the city water systems, Sullivan said.
“We’ve also done a lot of work at the water tanks,” Sullivan said. City workers tore down an old building, which housed an old booster pump, tore out unneeded pipes and took down the dilapidated fence around the water tanks in preparation for installing a new fence.
“We also put millings around the water tanks with the help of ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation),” Sullivan said, noting that the sand surrounding the tanks had been washed away.
“Every time we’d have a water line break up there at the tanks, it would just wash the sand out,” Sullivan said.
“We’re also currently working with Norm Freeman of EDCS in installing cameras at all of our facilities,” Sullivan said. “We’re putting cameras at the water wells and all of the city buildings, like city hall, the library and the pool, all the buildings we’ve had vandalism occur at in the past.”
He said the surveillance cameras are connected to the city’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) monitoring system for the water wells and the wastewater treatment plant.
According to City Manager Ray Alley, there is still much to do around town that will keep the crews busy through the winter.
“We still have a lot of old millings to haul off that are piled behind the old cemetery,” Alley said. “We have months worth of hauling left to do.”
He also noted that the city also plans to tear down the old building by the Holbrook Senior Center.
“It’s the old house that was donated to us by the senior center,” Alley said. “I want to tear it down and make it into a mini park for the senior center.”
Another project in the works is the new dog park to be located at the east end of Navajo Blvd. Alley said ADOT officials came through with approval for the park along their right-of-way, so work will begin on the park in the coming months.
According to Alley, the road crews have a full slate through the winter.
“I have a lot for them to do,” he said.