Dec 062013

By Nick Worth
A notice of claim has been filed against the City of Holbrook by water/waste water employee Louis Baldonado Jr. through the Coronado Law Firm.
In the letter announcing the filing, attorney Eduardo H. Coronado said Baldonado alleges City Manager Ray Alley discriminated against and harassed him on several occasions.
Baldonado said he learned that certain city employees are paid more than he is, even though he has worked longer for the city than they have. He was requesting information about what the other city employees are paid.
He further alleges Alley spoke to his supervisor and threatened to fire Baldonado if he did not stop making information requests from the city.
Baldonado also charges that certain city employees are given preferential treatment because they are related to Alley or are friends with him.
He also said he lost out on an opportunity to apply for the position of street department head because it was not properly noticed and was closed before he could apply for the position.
Finally, Baldonado claims a tracking device was installed on his city vehicle without his knowledge.
According to the letter from Coronado, Baldonado is demanding $5 million to settle the matter.
Another part of the filing states, “The demand of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) to settle Mr. Baldonado’s matter is for several claims arising from the harassing behavior by Mr. Raymond Alley, Holbrook City Manager. Again, in total, Mr. Baldonado is hereby demanding Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) to settle this matter.”
When asked about the discrepancies, a member of Coronado’s office staff said the attorney was in court and unavailable to comment on the matter.
The Tribune-News was unable to reach Baldonado for comment.
When asked about the allegations, Alley said because the matter is still ongoing, he had no comment and any questions should be addressed to City Attorney Marlene Pontrelli of the Dickinson Wright Mariscal Weeks law firm. A call to Pontrelli found she was out of the office until next week and unavailable for comment.