Dec 132013

By Nick Worth
Public Works Director Homero Vela told the Navajo County Board of Supervisors Tuesday what the criteria are for a road to be admitted onto the county’s maintenance list.
Vela’s comments came in response to a question by District V Supervisor Dawnafe Whitesinger during the board’s consideration of a recommendation to add 0.61 miles of Broadway Drive, east of the intersection of Highland Road and Broadway Drive in the Snowflake area, into the Navajo County Roadway Maintenance System.
After hearing County Engineer Bill Bess explain the recommendation, Whitesinger asked how roads are accepted into the county’s maintenance list.
Bess replied that residents sometimes ask for the county to take over maintenance of a road and that is partially based on traffic of at least 50 average daily trips (ADTs) by vehicles.
Vela then told the board there are several other criteria in addition to the ADT that must be met before a road can be included in the county maintenance system. Some of the criteria include:
* Whether the road is considered a “primitive” road.
“If it’s designated as a primitive road, we are not required to maintain it,” Vela told The Tribune-News. “We try to blade them at least once per year.
He added that if conditions are not right, the county will not do even that.
* Whether the road meets certain minimum geometric standards that are established by state law from a safety standpoint.
Vela said gravel roads must be at least wide enough for two 11-foot traffic lanes including a total right of way of 50-feet. Paved roads require a 66-foot right of way.
* The roads must have been laid out and open to the public prior to June 1999.
* They must be maintainable and have access from a publicly maintained road which is maintained by Navajo County, the state, or a city or town.
* They must meet drainage specifications and soil condition specifications.
“There cannot be any rock outcroppings that could damage a blade or a motor grader,” Vela said.
* There must be a public necessity for the roads to be maintained.
The 50 ADT gauge is one measure that keeps private driveways from being included in the county maintenance list.
Vela noted that there is a good reason for the restrictions–money.
“Our budget money is limited,” he said. “We need to use our Highway Users Revenue Fund (HURF) dollars, and they are dwindling all the time, for maintenance of our existing roads.”
In other action Dec. 10, the board:
* Approved the addition of project scope for an existing contract with the Tomhave Group in an amount not to exceed $25,000.
In response to a question from District III Supervisor Sylvia Allen, County Manager James Jayne told the board the Tomhave Group works on transportation and flood control issues at the federal level, and has been working on the Winslow levee rehabilitation project with Navajo County, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Ann Kirkpatrick to ensure the Winslow levee issues are addressed by the Corps of Engineers.
* Accepted the receipt of a petition to establish a domestic water improvement district and establishment of a bond in the amount of $100 for the Perkins Valley subdivision in Holbrook.
* Approved establishment of a hearing date of 9 a.m. on Jan. 14 in the Board of Supervisors Chambers on the petition to establish a domestic water improvement district.
* Heard a report from Terry Hill of VFW Post No. 9907 during the call to the public.
Hill told the board that he, Presiding Judge Michala Ruechel and County Attorney Brad Carlyon have been working together to institute a Veterans Court in Navajo County.
“We’re making progress,” Hill told the board.
He said Veterans Administration representatives will be coming up from Phoenix for the next meeting.
* Heard from District IV Supervisor David Tenney and Allen during the call to the public.
Tenney and Allen presented a donation to the VFW Honor Guard to help with their travel expenses in providing honor guard services at veterans’ funerals.
* Made a presentation to Chairman Jonathan Nez, recognizing him for running in the Escalante Canyons Marathon, the 50K Bootlegger Ultra-Marathon in Nevada and the McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50K race on Dec. 7, and for setting an example of healthy living.
“The running has helped me in my faith,” Nez told the board. He spoke of the need for healthy living and told the board his older brother, who recently passed away, was also a runner.
Nez spoke of a time when he was young when his brother ran 20 miles while Nez accompanied him on a bicycle.
“I thought, ‘Who in their right mind would run 20 miles in a day?’” Nez said. “I burned out on the bike.”
Now Nez has said he plans to run in a marathon or a longer race in all 50 states.
* Named an existing road in the Heber/Overgaard area Hawkins Place.
* Named an existing road in the Show Low/Linden area Shady Oak Trail.
* Named an existing road in the Pinedale/Clay Springs area Bridge View Lane.
* Passed a resolution approving a service agreement signed by the county manager with NEOGOV for a job posting subscription in the amount of $23,400.
* Approved amendment No. 4 to the Lone Pine Dam Road special use permit with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
* Approved a letter to Governor Jan Brewer indicating Navajo County election of payment and allocations related to the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.
* Approved personnel actions.
* Approved personal property tax abatements.
County Treasurer Manny Hernandez said the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office has been out to look for these properties and trailers, and have found them to be without value, missing or burned down. He said abatements were needed in order to take those properties off the tax rolls.
* Approved amendments to a contract with FCI for additional kitchen equipment for the jail in the amount of $60,263.00, and increased scope of work for specialty systems in the amount of $343,727.00. The total contract amendment amount is $403,990.
* Approved a contract with Clarus Companies, LLC in the amount of $36,000 for professional legislative services, or $3,000 monthly.
* Approved amendment No. 1 to the contracts for supply of various roadway materials with Brimhall Sand and Rock and Building Materials, Inc., Dyna Rock and Sand, Inc., Hatch Construction and Paving, Inc., and Perkins Cinders, Inc. to extend the contracts for three additional months through March 27.
* Approved amendment No. 1 to the memorandum of understanding between the Cornerstone/Basic Faith Ministry and Navajo County.
The Cornerstone group is using the Winslow road yard warehouse for materials storage. Vela told the board the group builds homes for those in need on the Navajo Reservation. The contract amendment concerns a vacant office building at the road yard Cornerstone wants to use. Vela said Navajo County is still retaining the use of the Winslow Road Yard.
* Accepted an award for the Drug Free Communities Grant Proposal submitted by the Navajo County Drug Project.
Navajo County is proposed to be the fiscal agent for the Drug Free Communities Grant. The new positions funded by the grant will be a part of the Navajo County Attorney’s Office, which will administer the grant.
Acting as the Navajo County Public Health Services District Board of Directors, the board:
* Approved professional services contracts with Connie Baine, RDH, AP, Regina Rich, RDH, AP, Vita Nicks, RDH, Tamra Cannon, RDH, and Nida Lerch, RDH, for dental hygiene services through the Dental Sealant Program effective Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2014, in the amount of $45 per hour.
* Approved amendment No. 1 to a teen pregnancy prevention services contract with the Arizona Department of Health Services for Jan. 1, 2014, to Dec. 31, 2017, in the amount of $124,513.