Jan 022014

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Unified School District Governing Board approved performance incentives for all district employees Dec. 17 on the recommendation of Superintendent Hollis Merrell.
A portion of the Indian gaming money the district receives will be used to compensate teachers for instruction improvement as has been done the past two years.
Merrell proposed that they give $400 per teacher of the Indian gaming money for instructional improvement, noting all the teachers have been working hard to implement the changes that are required with the new standards and so forth.
Board members had previously encouraged the administration to look at a way of compensating more than just teachers, which has not been done in the past.
Merrell noted that in looking at another district’s salary schedules he found that the district used Forest Fees funds for other employees.
Business Manager Mark Ollerton said such use of the funds has been cleared with the auditors.
This is a one-time salary adjustment, and will include classified, classified supervisors, counselor, COTA, ED specialist and administrative salary adjustments.
Employees listed on the salary schedule will receive 50 cents per hour for the hours they have worked thus far on their contract, which will range from $113 for new employees to $500 for most of the 12-month employees.
The board approved both measures. The checks were to be included in the employee Christmas cards.