Jan 102014

By Tammy Gray
Pacific Holt Corporation has filed a request with Navajo County to establish a domestic water improvement district for Perkins Valley Estates and Mesa Hills Estates, located just west of Holbrook near Perkins Valley.
A hearing on the request is set for 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 14, in front of the county board of supervisors at the Navajo County complex in south Holbrook.
The request notes that the purpose is to fulfill the “need for the operation and maintenance of a water conveyance system in the area of the proposed improvement district.”
If approved, the petition will allow Pacific Holt to turn over ownership of the water system to the improvement district after construction is complete.
The request states, “After the certificate to operate for each phase of the Mesa Hills Estates and Perkins Valley Estates water conveyance system has been received, the ownership of the water conveyance system will be transferred to the proposed Perkins/Mesa domestic water improvement district of Navajo County…”
According to the request, initial board members for the water district will include local residents Randy Murph, Jerrie Paschal and William Perkins.
In March 2013, the board of supervisors approved Pacific Holt’s final plat for phase one of the Mesa Hills Estates project. Under the final plat, up to 16 residential units can be built on 23.07 acres. The entire subdivision is anticipated to contain up to 193 residential units on 265 acres upon completion, but phase one includes only 16 of those units.
The plat approval includes three conditions: that improvements be substantially completed within 24 months of issuance of the final plat; that roads in the subdivision not be accepted into the county road maintenance system until they meet established standards; and that the final plat will not be recorded until “all subdivision improvements have been completed to the satisfaction of the Navajo County engineer…”
Pacific Holt first filed documents for developing Perkins Valley Estates in 2006. The company later purchased Mesa Hills Estates from the City of Holbrook.
The request filed with the county was signed on behalf of Pacific Holt by Melissa Barker of Merced, Calif., who is also listed as the “agent for service of process” for the company, according to the California Secretary of State.