Jan 102014

By Linda Kor
The largest online video competition in the world, Doritos Crash The Super Bowl World Premier, has announced five finalists for its commercial competition, one of which features a Winslow native.
Daved Wilkins, the son of David and Angela Wilkins, now lives in Studio City, Calif., and has been acting for a number of years, but his most recent endeavor is a Doritos commercial that he’s hoping to have viewed during Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2. A Super Bowl shot isn’t the only prize, though. Two commercials will be selected for viewing during Super Bowl, one by Doritos and one by viewers. Both winners will be working on the set of the Marvel movie sequel to The Avengers, but only one will be selected for the grand prize: $1 million.
Wilkins is co-writer of the commercial called The Time Machine, which features Wilkins being lured into a cardboard “time machine” by a young boy where, for the price of his bag of Doritos, he is told he will be transported into the future.
According to Wilkins, while several of the commercials selected as finalists were done by professionals, this one was more an effort of a group of friends.
“We filmed the commercial at my friend Ryan’s (Anderson) parents’ home in Phoenix. He’s the director, the boy in the commercial is his son and the dog is his parent’s dog. His son actually came up with the idea,” explained Wilkins.
Wilkins lived in Winslow as a small child and has maintained relationships in the community.
“Dr. Hackler gave me my first chiropractic adjustment at six months old, so we’re good friends,” joked Wilkins. “My parents now live in Florida, but we moved back and forth to Winslow from California when I was a kid. My mom just couldn’t stay away from there.”
Wilkins began his acting career five years ago, walking away from a consumer lender job he held in Tucson.
“This is the happiest I’ve been in my life. Anyone sitting on a fence about following a dream really should just move ahead with it. I was never so happy as when I gave my two-week notice,” he said.
Wilkins notes that the commercial is the endeavor he’s been most proud of and if they win the $1 million, he has plans for his share.
“I have a sister in Florida whose husband is studying as a computer programmer in Seattle. The first thing I’d do is send her out there to spend time with him. The rest goes to my wife for being so supportive,” he said.
The commercial, along with the other four finalists, can be viewed online at http://www.doritostimemachine.com/. One vote per device can be cast for your favorite each day until Jan. 18.