Jan 152014

By Naomi Hatch
A long-range general plan was approved by the Taylor Town Council Jan. 8, and will go to the voters at the next general election.
Zoning Administrator Allen Davis said that since he was hired he has spent most of his time updating the general plan, which should be done every 10 years. The previous plan was adopted Dec. 10, 2003, but Davis assured the council that he has been in communication with state officials, who said there would be no problem.
Davis said he was glad to work with the Planning and Zoning Commission, noting, “They worked diligently before my arrival and after my arrival.”
The commission voted Oct. 15, 2013, to recommend approval of the plan to the town council.
On Oct. 16, it was sent to Arizona State Commerce Authority for comments and on October 22, it was sent to the town of Snowflake and Navajo County for comments. The only comments back were from the state, which requested that the town add a note to the map to get state approval for any rights-of-way.
A public hearing on the general plan was held at the beginning of the council meeting and there were no public comments.
The council unanimously approved the draft Taylor General Plan.
Davis noted that there were representatives from the planning and zoning commission present, and said, “They worked hard on it and had a lot of positive input.”
The next project will be to amend this plan with a new zoning code, which they have been working on, but have not had time to complete.
Davis noted that commission and the zoning committee have given input on changing the whole zoning code. “I think we’re making good progress,” he said.
The general plan is available for review on the town website, www.tayloraz.org, under General Information.