Jan 152014

By Naomi Hatch
Auditors from HintonBurdick spent two days in Taylor in September and have submitted the results of their audit, Town Manager Gus Lundberg advised members of the town council Jan. 8. The council unanimously approved the audited financial statements.
A letter from the firm stated, “We wish to commend the town for their administrative achievements and oversight of the town’s accounting and budget system. During our audit of the funds of the Town of Taylor for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013, we noted improvements from the previous year; however, we found circumstances that, if improved, would strengthen the town’s accounting system and control over its assets.”
“I was very pleased with the auditor’s report that did not identify any areas of concern,” Lundberg said.
“The only comment they had was the use of purchase orders,” he continued. “We use purchase orders, but not on a consistent manner.”
HintonBurdick recommended, “that the town consider establishing procedures for the use of purchase orders with a set limit, and ensure that a purchase order is prepared and attached to each invoice in order to verify authorization and compliance with the established budget.”
Lundberg said that staff will be coming to the council with a procedure, and a dollar threshold will be set that requires the use of purchase orders.
“I thought that being the only suggestion was a good reflection on you and the town staff,” said Mayor Fay Hatch to Lundberg. “I thought that was a really good compliment.