Jan 202014

By Nick Worth
Some changes are in store for the Real AZ Corridor group in the near future, according to Snowflake Town Manager Paul Watson.
Watson said new Executive Director Hunter Moore gave a presentation on the organization’s bylaws at the group’s last meeting on Jan. 9.
Watson followed up the presentation by making a recommendation that Real AZ Corridor use the same committee that was formed to conduct a search for an executive director to go over the bylaws before next meeting and come back with recommendation.
Asked about the need for bylaw changes, Watson said, “There are some things in there that don’t make sense as things currently stand.”
Moore said one of the questions to be addressed is getting a better operating budget.
“We asked the members, are the membership dues adequate or not?” said Moore. “The feeling among most of the group was that they are not, so we’re going to look at that.”
Moore said the bylaws committee will also address the group’s executive committee.
“We have an executive committee that isn’t fully staffed,” said Moore. “We have three people on our executive committee, but according to the bylaws we should have eight members.”
Moore said the time is right for a review of the bylaws.
“We’ve existed as an organization under these bylaws for three years,” he said. “I think it’s good to look at the bylaws and ask are they serving the needs of this organization, or not.
“It’s good to do an evaluation,” Moore continued. “There are several things some of the members suggested that we want to look at. Just little technical things.”
He noted that some of the proposed changes the bylaws committee will be examining include whether the group should operate on a calendar year versus a fiscal year. He said someone also made an observation that the group has organizations that hold a voting seat, but if designated members can’t come to a meeting, there is no provision for designees to take their place and vote on measures.
Moore said there would be no major policy changes as a result of the bylaws committee recommendations.
“We’re not looking at completely overhauling the entire thing,” said Moore.
Also present at the meeting was Passport Potash Director of Corporate Development Ken Bond, who gave the group an update on potash prospects for the region.
“It looks like the Russian potash cartel decided they would get back together and work things out, and that would, hopefully, bring some stability into the global potash market,” Bond told The Tribune-News.
Bond said that even if the market should stabalize, it is still a matter of time before things get back to normal.
“For us, it doesn’t immediately affect Passport Potash or our ability to raise money,” said Bond. “It may take a little bit longer to get things put back together.”
Bond said because the two partners in the Russian cartel have been selling at reduced prices, “It may take some time before they get things back to business as usual.
The next meeting of the Real AZ Corridor is set for Thursday, Feb. 13.