Feb 032014

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition Jan. 25 at the Navajo County Fairgrounds in Holbrook.
Results for Open Barrels follow.
In 1-D competition, Patrice Yazzie, riding Dinner ‘n Diamonds, won with a time of 17.501, earning $120.75; followed by Michelle Stock on Cash in 17.731, earning $90.56; Lisa Johnson on Cutie in 17.980, earning $60.38; Whitley Cline on Charlie in 18.043, earning $30.19; Cindy Grider on Breeze in 18.057; Tammy Davis on Dee Road Runner in 18.122; Marisa Simpson on Nacho in 18.151; London Willis on Macy Grey in 18.235; and Gail Campbell on Kaci’s Royal Dash in 18.340.
In 2-D competition, Nalynn Cline, riding Daquiri, won with a time of 18.694, earning $103.50; followed by Randy Johnson on Garnet in 18.705, earning $77.63; Dereck Curley on Romeo in 18.732, earning $51.75; Kallie Brannon on Nitro in 18.754, earning $25.88; Brigitte Kennison on Halle in 18.822; Jolene Baird on Sassie in 18.829; Constance Benally on Oranges in 18.923; Kallie Brannon on Rude in 18.940; Debbie Garvin on Jo’s Pistol Dun It in 18.960; Morgan Bias on Shi Hi in 18.989; Anita Mills on EL in 18.990; Jan Biakeddy on Bozo in 19.058; Sherri Manygoats on Boogers in 19.297; Margaret Parker on Rose in 19.347; Alyssa Brown on Elvis in 19.366; and Nikki Muzrall on Shania in 19.433.
In 3-D competition, Marisa Simpson, riding Chigger, won with a time of 19.697, earning $69; followed by Shasta Van Cleave on Pokey Red Bee in 19.728, earning $51.75; Bailee Bain on Kaddy Perry in 19.998, earning $34.50; Morgan Bias on Daisy in 20.077, earning $17.25; and Patti Swapp on King Tut in 20.380.
In 4-D competition, Jolene Baird, riding Jessie, won with a time of 20.803, earning $51.75; followed by Destiny Smith on Carmella in 20.824, earning $38.81; Alexandra Jeffers-Sample on Tequila in 20.979, earning $25.88; Carolee DeWitt on Mojo in 21.666, earning $12.94; Staci Hancock on Banjo in 21.986; Sylvia Kennison on Emma in 22.622; Leilani Canez on Nellie in 24.649; and Constance Benally on Chai, Nikki Muzrall on Peanut, Katie Sturgeon on Tucson, Cheryl Belcher on Stormy, Nalynn Cline on Slim Shady, Carolee DeWitt on Tiny’s Gay Hawk, Katie Sturgeon on Mr. Tuff, Margaret Parker on Deckem and Evin Boyd on JC, all with no time.
Results for Youth follow.
In 1-D competition, Whitley Cline, riding Charlie, won with a time of 18.043, earning $42; followed by Bailee Bain on Kaddy Perry in 20.146; Alexandra Begay on Wylie in 20.374; and Julia Begay on Mannie in 20.954.
In 2-D competition, Riley Reidhead, riding Purple, won with a time of 23.777, earning $36.75.
In 3-D competition, Angelina Begay, riding Corn Pollen, won with a time of 29.774, earning $26.25.
In 4-D competition, Shealynn Jefferies, riding Johnny, posted no time.
Results for Leadline follow.
In 1-D competition, Tannon Morrow, riding Dynamite, won with a time of 29.600, earning $18; followed by Aca Willis on Porky in 30.965; and Brooklyn Bias on Daisy in 33.486.
In 4-D competition, Micah Winn, riding Lexie, won with a time of 53.403, earning $12.