Feb 032014

By Sam Conner
Members of the Winslow City Council met in a special meeting and work session Tuesday evening in which they learned the proposed animal care facility as designed by architect Jerry Sadler would cost $366,362 if prison labor was used or $616,700 if it was not.
Sadler said that the facility was designed to be safe for animals, easily cleaned and have all of the amenities deemed desirable. He said that the facility could be built in phases, and that some of the building could be done with inmate labor and some by contractors. The new facility, if completed as designed, would be more than 50 percent larger than the present facility.
City Manager Stephen Pauken suggested that staff should look at the information discussed, including the possibility of building the facility in phases, and the use of inmate labor for some or all of the construction, and consider some changes. The item will be on a future agenda as no action was taken.
City Engineer Mark Woodson presented adjustments and modifications of the capital improvement plan using the one percent sales tax funds. Projects that were suggested had amounts attached, but as no action was taken, all will need to be considered at a later meeting. Among the projects discussed were neighborhood walkways and streets, the Heritage Trail from the Hubbell Building to city hall, a skateboard park, the animal care facility, old Clear Creek Road, Clear Creek ditch improvements, the Pioneer Forest Products area and airport runway renovation.
Susie Kaufman spoke about the need for renovating the airport runways and the danger of not doing so.
Pauken said that the runway was terrible, although most of the airport facilities were in good shape. He said that it would be necessary to find funding for the runway renovation.