Feb 052014

By Naomi Hatch
The economic downturn has had an impact on the Town of Taylor, but the town’s 10 employees have maintained it well throughout 2013.
Allen Davis was hired in August as the building official/zoning administrator and he got busy immediately, updating the general plan, which was approved by the town council Jan. 14 following a public hearing.
During 2013 the town made upgrades to Freeman Park in the restrooms, installing new toilets and electric hand dryers. The restrooms are open to the public during business hours in the summer and on Saturday’s during the soccer season. The bathrooms are currently closed, but will re-open in the spring.
Staff removed the fenced volleyball court at Freeman Park and laid asphalt millings to create more than 30 additional parking spaces.
The building department issued one single family residence building permit, as well as permits for six additions, six detached accessory structures, four carports/patio covers, 10 walls/fences, two mobile homes and seven other projects for a total of 36 building permits.
There were 10 nuisance complaints made to the zoning department in 2013.
The planning and zoning commission is working with Davis to update the town zoning ordinance.
“We are getting ready to start the construction of the airport perimeter fence the beginning of March. We had a pre-construction meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28, and got the state portion of the grant,” said Town Manager Gus Lundberg.