Feb 122014

By Naomi Hatch
The Taylor Town Council approved qualifying projects Feb. 5 in order to receive a $183,263 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).
Town Manager Gus Lundberg discussed the projects at the previous council meeting, and informed council that he sent a letter dated Jan. 31 that stated Taylor’s intent to apply for the grant and listed the projects, noting the council would meet on Feb. 5.
The grant is specific as to what projects qualify and that the projects must benefit low to moderate income residents. Lundberg said he felt that making Freeman Park and the East Ball Park more handicapped accessible would qualify, noting there are approximately 276 residents with ambulatory difficulties that are considered low to moderate income who would benefit from the project.
The Freeman Park project will add handicapped parking stalls, access to walk around the track, and wheelchair access to the soccer field and playground equipment.
The East Ball Park project will add parking stalls and give handicap access to the playground equipment within the sandy area.
“The thing I’m pleased to hear is our own staff could use our resources,” Lundberg said, noting that this would save money because they would not have to hire outside of staff. “The money will go further in purchasing equipment and installation.”
Councilman Jason Brubaker suggested they use Eagle Scout projects to complete some of the project.
A motion to approve the CDBG project selection passed unanimously.
In other action, Councilman David Smith recommended Bobbie Sue Solomon, Tracy Sherwood, Shirley Hatch and Merle Dunaway be approved to serve on the Beautification Committee.
The council unanimously approved Smith and the four recommendations to serve on the Beautification Committee.
Lundberg proposed that Councilman Carl Cosper, town employee Allen Davis, Nathan Hensley, Eric Ritz and Grant Neff serve with him on the Economic Development Committee that will meet every other month with the Snowflake Economic Development Committee.
The council unanimously approved those proposed to serve on the Economic Development Committee.
Brubaker reported that he met with town parks staff to discuss maintenance and grass expansion at Freeman Park. He said that $20,000 was budgeted for care and maintenance of the parks, and half of the fiscal year is over with not much of that money being spent. Brubaker said they will put top soil in low spots and seed the fields in the thin spots, noting, “We hope to buy the seed locally and… buy the top soil in our town.”
Where people watch the soccer games they will open the sprinklers to 360° rather than the 180° they are currently, and it will green up more of that area. He also noted that they will increase the amount of fertilizer used in the fall.