Feb 122014

Joseph City residents and business owners may see reduced fire insurance premium costs due to an improved fire class rating. The Insurance Services Office (ISO), a national insurance industry risk rating and assessment service, has reclassified Joseph City’s ISO Class rating from 7 to 5.
The ISO rating of a community affects the insurance premiums that policyholders pay for fire insurance on commercial and residential buildings. ISO rates municipalities on a scale of 1 to 10. An ISO Class 10 rating is considered the least effective fire defense, while an ISO class 1 rating is the most effective fire defense system from an insurance analysis perspective.
Most fire insurance carriers, particularly those covering commercial properties, utilize ISO Class ratings in determining policy rates. The ISO primarily reviews three areas in determining a community’s rating–its fire department’s resources, personnel and training, the public water system quality and capabilities, and the community’s 911 emergency dispatch services.
With the addition of new apparatus, excellent training and education offered, and dedication of the district’s firefighters, the reclassification was a victory for the taxpayers of Joseph City.