Feb 122014

By Naomi Hatch
The Taylor Public Works Department has purchased a Rigid sewer line camera that has a 200’ cable, is self-leveling, and takes color photographs and videos that are recorded on a USB drive so the information can be reviewed, documented and shared. The camera was in the department’s 2013-14 budget.
Public Works Director Jeremy Peters and Jeff Foster gave a PowerPoint presentation to the town council Feb. 5 to show some of the camera’s capabilities.
Foster explained that the camera will easily determine the location and severity of defects in the sewer mains and service, and determine the effectiveness of defect mitigation methods. Typical defects are roots, crack pipe, FOG (fats, oils and greases), and broken or missing pipe.
“When we had the jetter we could run it out there and guess where it goes, now we can see it,” said Peters.
In response to a question posed by Councilman Dave Smith, Peters explained that the camera pinpoints the exact location of the problem.
Foster said that the benefits are the ability to inspect an entire service or main without excavation, determine the severity of the defect without excavation, locate all defects in the line if there are multiple defects rather than the most severe, and accurately locate recurring blockages so town crews will no longer need to clear problems at rights-of-ways and in alleys.
They showed pictures and a video of West Casa Linda Drive, which has had recurring blockages, as well as the south sewer main crossing on Main Street and East Tumbleweed near Taylor Elementary School.
Foster said that the town has been in need of this technology for a long time. The new camera allows public works employees to accurately locate lines and grade defects so they can determine the most time and cost effective method to mitigate the problem. The camera allows staff to determine the exact location so that time and resources do not have to be wasted searching for damage and the entire line can be inspected to ensure all defects are being repaired. The camera also enables them to determine if the repair is the responsibility of the town or the customer.