Feb 192014

By Naomi Hatch
A request for a variance to place a single-section manufactured home on property zoned R-1A that is owned by Richard Fritz became a heated topic of discussion before it was voted down at the Feb. 11 Snowflake Town Council meeting.
“I don’t understand why this ever got this far,” said Councilman Tom Poscharsky, who previously served on the Snowflake Planning and Zoning Commission, as he moved to deny the request.
“I’m a little upset, but I think this is a total travesty and I don’t want to see it come back again or anything like it,” said Poscharsky.
Zoning Administrator Dale Call explained, “Our town code does not discuss the width of the home.”
“I’m willing to do that tonight. If we need to change our code so that our enforcer understands what we’re telling him I would be willing to change the code,” Poscharsky responded.
“The mayor just said that everyone has a right to address the council,” noted Call.
“A variance is allowed in this instance and a variance request, regardless of the action the planning and zoning commission takes comes to the council,” explained Town Manager Paul Watson.
“I’m saying tonight I don’t understand why this came here,” said Poscharsky.
Twelve neighbors of the property attended both the commission meeting and the council meeting requesting the variance be denied, though they noted they would approve a doublewide mobile home.
Richard Oaks lives in Snowflake Heights. He said he felt that he abided by the rules and regulations, even though not everyone has. He made comments about living there and feeling that the town doesn’t maintain the roads without residents nagging them, then said, “We don’t feel like we’re a part of Snowflake.”
Mayor Kelly Willis said they needed to stay on the agenda.
“I believe that what we’ve done tonight is the democratic process,” the mayor continued, then called for a vote. The motion to deny the request passed.
In other action, the council approved a variance request to encroach front yard setbacks by three to four feet on a home located at 83 N. First East St. The property is owned by Charles Foote, who requested the variance to construct an attached garage.
A special use permit to construct a second residence as caretaker/watchman quarters was approved for Cathy Evans, whose property is located approximately three miles east on Concho Road.
Call noted that the neighbors approved of the project and the commission recommended the council approve it.
The council also approved Amendment No. 1 to the Tetra Tech, Inc. professional services agreement for design and construction services for the West Seventh Street South 12-inch water line for a lump sum amount of $10,458 and a revised total contract amount of $25,661.
Public Works Superintendent Terry Cooper explained that the added cost was for Tetra Tech to do work that was to be done by former town engineer Rob Emmett, who has retired.
A similar request to amend the Tetra Tech, Inc. agreement for design and construction services for the 300,000-gallon water tank at well no. 4 for a lump sum amount of $7,359 and a revised total contract amount of $24,111 was also approved.