Feb 212014

By Tammy Gray
A new fitness club at Joseph City schools will allow students and members of the community extra access to fitness facilities such as the swimming pool, and racquetball and basketball courts.
Members of the school district governing board approved formation of the new club Tuesday.
Superintendent Bryan Fields noted in a memo to the board, “The vision that I have for this club is to provide students with an opportunity to utilize facilities like our pool on a regular basis.”
Eventually, Fields hopes that club members will be able to compete in triathalons. He explained that he has been in touch with a triathalon club in Flagstaff and they would be willing to attend a competition hosted in Joseph City.
The purpose of the club is to encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle among students. Members will not be required to attend every meeting in order to compete so that students involved in other sports or groups can be involved without having to choose between activities.
“For example, someone on the volleyball team will be allowed to participate with this club as their schedule permits,” Fields noted. “They may not be able to attend training sessions, but still want to participate in a competition.”
Fields noted that the cost to join the club is $30 per student, the same amount as school-sponsored sports, but there may be additional costs for attending competitions until the group can raise some funds.
To help support the club, Fields proposed that community members be allowed to donate to the club and receive access to certain school facilities in return.
“For the community we will offer a tax credit donation benefit,” he noted. “For every $200 contributed to this club the community member will have access to the racquetball courts for one year, early morning basketball for one year and early morning lap swim for the season. These funds, once collected, will be used to help offset utility expenses of the pool.”
A polar bear plunge fundraiser is also planned in March to help get the new group started.