Feb 212014

By Tammy Gray
Attendance and enrollment rates are down slightly in the Holbrook Unified School District, according to recent reports provided to the school board. The attendance and enrollment totals are used to determine state and federal funding levels.
At Park Elementary School, overall attendance is 93 percent, which is a higher percentage than at Holbrook High School and Holbrook Junior High School, but lower than Hulet Elementary School. By grade, attendance is 92 percent for kindergarten, 93 percent for first grade and 93.9 percent for second grade.
Total enrollment at Park School is 296 students. That number includes 95 students in kindergarten, 101 in first grade and 100 in second grade.
Attendance at Indian Wells Elementary School is down to 92 percent in January from a high of 94 percent in September, and 93 percent in October and December, but remains above the year-to-date low of 89 percent in November.
The total number of students at Indian Wells is up by nine for a total of 467 students. That includes 49 in pre-kindergarten, 56 in kindergarten, 83 in first grade, 60 in second grade, 51 in third grade, 52 in fourth grade, 55 in fifth grade and 61 in sixth grade.
Hulet Elementary School’s attendance rate is holding steady at 94 percent, but the number of students has dropped.
“Hulet’s enrollment has gone down slightly since the 100th day. Our students who have withdrawn are moving away for parents with changing jobs for the most part,” the report notes.
The school has a total of 298 students, including the pre-school. Enrollment totals include 36 students in pre-school, 98 in third grade, 84 in fourth grade and 80 in fifth grade.
HJHS has the lowest attendance rate of the schools at 90.4 percent in January. That number is up, however, from the low of 88 percent in October, and averages of 89 percent in September, November and December.
Current total enrollment at the school is 384. That is down by five students from the start of the school year. Total students include 82 in sixth grade, 142 in seventh grade and 160 in eighth grade.
At HHS, the attendance average is 91.27 percent so far this school year. That total varies from 93.1 percent for ninth grade to 89.93 percent for 11th grade students.
A total of 696 students are currently enrolled at the school, compared to 726 at the same time last year. Total enrollment includes 159 students in ninth grade, 201 in 10th grade, 185 in 11th grade and 151 in 12th grade.