Feb 262014

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Public Works Department completed many projects during 2013.
Centennial Blvd. was reconstructed, taking out the dips and humps, and Meadowlark Circle was reconstructed due to a sewer trench failure.
Staff members applied more than 1,600 gallons of asphalt emulsion and 80 cubic yards of chips to potholes using the spray patcher. They spent more than 400 man hours blading roads, more than 400 man hours performing drainage maintenance and submitted road inventory data for the Federal Aid/Northern Arizona Council of Governments Highway Safety Improvement Program Sign Panel Replacement Program.
The water division assisted with the completion of the water system master plan, began rehab on a tank at well No. 1 and completed the water main relocation on Flake Avenue.
Designs were completed for a 300,000-gallon tank for well No. 4 and the 12” waterline extension on Seventh South. Staff members also worked with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist to complete the water system maps, and began a meter audit and data collection of all water meters.
More than 400 man hours were spent on 17 water main leaks, and more than 450 man hours were spent on 29 water service line leaks. One new water service was installed and more than 1,800 meter boxes were installed. Fifteen water meters were lowered due to the freezing conditions.
The fire line was installed for the Snowflake Academy Building.
Staff members installed four Omnisite Monitoring Stations for the wastewater lift stations, the department purchased a Vac-Con truck and camera system for sewer main maintenance and cleaned 5,823’ of sewer line, as well as inspected and collected data on 4,113’ of sewer main.
At the wastewater treatment plant, the old clarifier was converted to an equalization basin to create consistent effluent flows, which will stabilize the chlorination and de-chlorination process, and provide pre-chlorine treatment to increase contact time for disinfection of effluent waters.
Staff members converted the old storage building at the treatment plant to a chlorine gas storage unit with required monitors and alarms that now meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
Fourteen sewer clean-outs at property lines were installed to eliminate repeat service calls for blockages on the customer side, and staff began smoke testing to find for inflow and infiltration sources.
The staff completed projects for the GIS and maps for the water system master plan, worked with the town engineer to develop the drainage master plan, began the Snowflake Road Inventory Data for the Enhanced-911 (E-911) System and the Highway Safety Improvement Program Sign Panel Replacement Program.
Design and set up data collection processes were completed for sewer line inspections, a water meter audit and the local government information model. The digital geographic archiving of the town paper maps was initiated.
The engineering division completed the final draft for Second Knolls PARA Transportation Study and engineered Seventh Street South, east of Centennial Road to Jake Flake Crossing, the NACOG/Federal aid project, the Snowflake Heights Roadway Improvement District, the water system master plan, the State Route 77 and Flake Road water line relocation project, the well No. 1 tank rehabilitation project, the Seventh Street South 12” water line improvement project and the water storage tank at well No. 4.
The town engineer developed standard operating procedures for field testing method for free chlorine, completed the Arizona Department of Water Resources Drought and Conservation Plan, and assisted in resolving problems with the chlorination/dechlorination system at the treatment plant.
The engineer also developed specifications for several other projects, such as the amendment for Hatch, the town fiber optics system and installation of the fire station generator, coordinated with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Small Community Environmental Pollution Prevention Plan and developed drainage improvement options to ease the Snowflake High School football field flooding.
Elastomeric roof sealant was applied to the courts building, parks and maintenance building, and the cart barn at the golf course. A new metal roof was installed on the storage shed at the cemetery, the police department sign was rebuilt and floodlights for the American flag were installed.