Feb 262014

By Linda Kor
A Winslow woman who was labeled as a suspect in a homicide that occurred 17 years ago has now been cleared of any involvement, but according to investigators in the case, that information was not obtained until after a television show recently aired indicating she was a suspect.
Cold Justice aired on Feb. 7 with a story of a cold case homicide that took place in Cottonwood in 1997. The case involved 17-year-old Marisol Gonzalez, who was nine months pregnant when she was shot and killed in an alley near her home. Her death also resulted in the death of her unborn child. The decedent’s ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Cecilio Cruz, and his girlfriend at the time, Kylee Oso, were considered suspects in the case. As a result of those suspicions, the Oso family was subjected to harassment from the community to the point that they were forced to leave their home in Cottonwood and relocate to Winslow.
Sgt. Tod Moore with the Cottonwood Police Department is investigating the case. He contacted the producers of Cold Justice in an effort to gain some new leads and perhaps narrow the list of suspects. While the endeavor was successful to a degree, it also put Oso back in the spotlight, this time in the community of Winslow.
“In October we attempted to interview Oso while Cold Justice was here in Cottonwood to assist us for the show. At the time Oso had just gone through some very hard personal issues and we were not able to get a solid interview in with her until (several) weeks ago. When the show aired the new information we obtained was not able to be presented,” explained Moore.
The new information was that Oso was cleared of any involvement or knowledge of the crime, but since that information came too late to be aired, the family is once again experiencing harassment and Oso’s children are reportedly being bullied in school due to the accusations made in the show.
“Oso has taken a polygraph, which indicated she had no knowledge or involvement in this homicide. I was further able to verify her alibi for the night of the homicide. Oso is no longer believed to be a suspect or to have any knowledge of the homicide from 1997,” explained Moore.
Moore is hoping that the community of Winslow will be supportive of the Oso family and understand that they have been through a great deal of hardship.
“For the past 17 years Kylee and her family have had to live with this accusation, and I have made it my goal let the public and their community know that she has been cleared,” he said.
According to the show that aired, evidence obtained during this most recent investigation will be presented to a grand jury in hopes of bringing formal charges against Cruz in connection with the deaths of both Marisol and her unborn son, Andrew.