Feb 282014

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition Feb. 22 at the Navajo County Fairgrounds in Holbrook.
Results for Open Barrels follow.
In 1-D competition, Raylee Johnson, riding Dooley, won with a time of 17.496, earning $120.40; followed by Lisa Johnson on Cutie in 17.691, earning $90.30; Pat Wood on Cowgirl in 17.709, earning $60.20; Michele Stock on Cash in 17.730, earning $30.10; Cindy Grider on Breeze in 17.988; Tammy Davis on Beep in 18.054; Carolee DeWitt on Jet in 18.320; and Kallie Brannon on Nitro in 18.372.
In 2-D competition, Randy Johnson, riding Garnet, won with a time of 18.632, earning $103.20; followed by Margaret Parker on Deckem in 18.675, earning $77.40; Morgan Bias on Daisy in 18.751, earning $51.60; Bonnie Stradling on Woody in 18.769, earning $25.80; Morgan Bias on Shi Hi in 18.779; Kallie Brannon on Rude in 18.789; Anita Mills on EL in 18.802; Constance Benally on Chai in 18.816; Ashley McDowell on Weekender in 18.877; Katie Sturgeon on Tucson in 18.897; Morgan Bias on Bro Ho in 18.903; Raney Pate on Snickers in 18.909; Brigitte Kennison on Halle in 18.995; Latigo Pate on Wrangler in 19.112; Constance Benally on Oranges in 19.137; Debbie Garvin on Jo’s Pistol Dun It in 19.155; Dereck Curley on Rocky in 19.307; Destiny Smith on Carmella in 19.342; and Sherri Manygoats on Boogers in 19.472.
In 3-D competition, Jayme Smith, riding Bonner, won with a time of 19.537, earning $68.80; followed by Jamie Dugger on KC in 19.674, earning $51.60; Katie Sturgeon on Tuff in 19.823, earning $34.40; Dee Perkins on Gus in 19.852, earning $17.20; and Beva Wagoner on Journey in 20.428.
In 4-D competition, Sylvia Kennison, riding Emma, won with a time of 20.562, earning $51.60; followed by Jennifer Rogers on Pest in 21.598, earning $38.70; Pat Wood on the Colonel in 24.165, earning $25.80; Dereck Curley on Selena in 25.441, earning $12.90; Michele Ulibarri on T.A. Pepsi Special in 28.131; Danaca Shepherd on Martha in 28.765; and Rosita Singer on Romeo, Jolene Baird on Jessie, Jolene Baird on Sassie, Alyssa Brown on Elvis and Margaret Parker on Eggshell, all with no time.
Results for Youth follow.
In 1-D competition, Riley Reidhead, riding Purple, won with a time of 23.642, earning $67.20; followed by Angelina Begay on Corn Pollen in 27.350.
In 4-D competition, Danaca Shepherd, riding Martha, won with a time of 38.822, earning $44.80; followed by Kalamity Horse on Two Socks in 62.191; and Alexandra Begay on Wylie, Julia Begay on Mannie and Shealynn Jefferies on Johnny, all with no time.
Results for Leadline follow.
In 1-D competition, Devaney Shepard, riding Bruce, won with a time of 27.512, earning $21.
In 2-D competition, Hayden Winn, riding Sparkle, won with a time of 33.304, earning $19; followed by Nikol Gombos on Two Socks in 33.845; and Megan Horse on Two Socks in 34.441.
The next Shasta & Co. barrel racing competition will be held on Saturday, March 29, at the county fairgrounds. Books and time onlys will open at 11 a.m., and the races will begin at 1 p.m.