Feb 282014

By Sam Conner
Following an executive session for legal advice regarding the possible purchase of real property Tuesday evening, the Winslow City Council voted to pay $25,000 to Big Five Inc. for an option to purchase some 885 plus acres south and west of the city near the state prison. The total price of the property, should the city purchase it, would be $575,000. The city’s interest in the property is reportedly related to future economic development.
No action was taken after another executive session, which was for legal advice regarding pending or contemplated litigation regarding the golf course.
There was considerable discussion regarding the animal control facility plans and cost estimates. The revised plan was for a smaller facility for an estimated cost of just over $490,000. The smaller facility was said to probably cost $150,000 less than the larger one on earlier plans. There were no plans to use inmate labor, as there was considerable disagreement about what, if anything, that would save.
Judy Howell spoke against the proposal saying it was to build a smaller facility at a larger price, and would make for a practice of picking up animals, keeping them a few days, then killing them. She said that the city had shut down a good Humane Society operation and never wanted a good animal care facility.
City Manager Stephen Pauken said that the plans were adequate and had room for expansion.
Howell said that the city builds for 10 years ago and not for the future.
The council voted to ask for bids for building the smaller facility.
The city manager and his designees reported on city activities, with Allen Rosenbaum noting that a well is undergoing repair for a leaking oil valve, which will be replaced and may be under warranty.
Finance Director Teresa Foy gave the monthly financial report.
The check register, minutes of the Feb. 11 council meeting and a transfer of funds from the police department capital funds to the street department for a safety project were approved on the consent calendar.
Police Chief Steve Garnett spoke on the transfer of funds, and noted that what was being done was cheaper and would make Winslow a safer community.
The council approved a proclamation designating March as Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month.
The wastewater treatment plant belt press was designated as surplus equipment, and the council approved an agreement with Compositech Filters to remove and take possession of the equipment.
A resolution was adopted making a public record amendment to the city code.
An ordinance amending portions of the city code was tabled.