Mar 132014

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council approved the expenditure of $197,000 for a skate park Tuesday evening. The purchase and installation of skate park ramping equipment and installation was then OK’d as part of the consent agenda. The skate park is expected to be in use in about three months.
City Manager Stephen Pauken reported that there will be a city wide cleanup with dumpsters available on April 26.
He also advised the council that an official from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was scheduled to be at the levee on March 13.
He reminded those attending that there are vacancies on the board of adjustment, the planning and zoning commission, and the public safety personnel retirement board.
Pauken also noted that the airport runway is in serious need of repair and will be an item for consideration soon.
The council approved a proclamation honoring the Winslow High School cheerleaders, dancers and their coaches for their becoming the Division II Co-Ed State Champions. The proclamation was presented to Coach Tammy Ramsey.
Honored were Coach Ramsey, Assistant Coach Nicole Buonviri, Choreographer Tessa Wadsworth, and performers Alexa Gilbert, Emily Woods, Angelina Garcia, Fernando Pipkins, Arianna McKinsley, Lilly Mangus, Mikalyla Stapp, Savannah Vasquez, Abby Rogers, Jennifer Brown, Lindsay Williams, Jacqueline Ribera, Marielena Petet, Kiersten Mileham, Skylar Soehner, Isabel Gonzales, Haley Annalla, Kala Fischer, Erica Heller, Gabriella Rockwell, Tieler Schutze, Kiki Smith, Delphi Lander, Letecia Torres and Tiffany Mitchell.
Judy Howell spoke during the call to the public, noting that the council had spent a considerable amount of money on a road not in the city limits, and that evening had authorized funds for a skate park after having had others vandalized, but voted to build an animal shelter smaller than the existing facility.
She asked, “If you can’t build one as large as the present one, why build it at all?”
Pauken said that the figures Howell has been presenting are wrong, and gave figures including that only three animals had been euthanized in the past two weeks and all were at their owners’ request because of biting behavior.
March was proclaimed March for Meals Month, and the proclamation was given to the senior center director.
Amendments to the rules of procedure for personnel hearings before the hearing office and rules of procedure for hearings before the hearing officer were approved. According to City Attorney Dale Patton, the main change is that there will be no awarding of attorney fees.
An ordinance authorizing the extension of the land lease agreement at Winslow Lindberg Regional Airport for operation by New Mexico State University of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility for the benefit of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was adopted. The renewal will be for $6,496 next year. Patton pointed out that the lease is adjusted to the Western States Consumer Price Index by the company doing the leasing.
The consent calendar also included approvals of the check register and minutes of the Feb. 25 council meeting.
The council went into executive session for legal advice regarding the possible purchase of real property, but no action was taken on the issue.
Another executive session for legal advice regarding the golf course listed on the agenda was not held.