Mar 192014

By Naomi Hatch
In order for the Town for Snowflake to receive a $400,000 contribution from Arizona Department of Transport (ADOT) for the construction of the two highway crossings for the Southern Solution located on State Route 277, Finance Director Brian Richards requested approval of an intergovernmental agreement.
On March 11, Richards explained to the council that a 2005 agreement stated that ADOT would give Snowflake $300,000 for the southern solution and in 2007 ADOT officials agreed to an additional $100,000 contribution. Richards explained that the program that money was to come from no longer exists, so they need to amend the agreement to note that ADOT will contribute $400,000, with a 20 percent administration fee.
“If we don’t get this done by Sept. 1, we will lose $95,000 of funds from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency),” said Richards. He further stated that as soon as the town completes the crossing by the LDS church, FEMA will reimburse it in the amount of $95,000.
A motion to approve the agreement passed unanimously.
In other business, Town Clerk Barbara Flake asked the council to approve a resolution requesting that Navajo County conduct the election for the Town of Snowflake. Flake explained that due to recent legislation, the town must consolidate its elections to coincide with federal and state elections.
A motion to approve the resolution passed unanimously.
Town Manager Paul Watson’s contract expired in January, and the council discussed renewing it.
Watson had asked department heads to do a quick evaluation of him and Flake had the results, but due to the late hour of the meeting Mayor Kelly Willis said he would like to discuss the results of the survey, but not at that time.
Councilman Tom Poscharsky said that the changes in the contract were minor, and moved to approve Watson’s new contract. The motion passed unanimously.
The evaluations will be discussed at a future meeting.