Apr 022014

By Naomi Hatch
Navajo County has agreed to partner with the Town of Snowflake in a chip seal project, and that partnership was approved by the town council March 25.
The council approved an expenditure of $21,500 for asphalt millings transportation that were put on the unpaved sections of West Seventh South, Porter and Country Club roads on Oct. 23, 2012, said Snowflake Public Works Director Terry Cooper.
“Even after the placement of those millings has been completed, the ‘washboard’ effect has continued to resurface,” said Cooper, explaining that the reactionary maintenance procedure is to re-grade the road and attempt re-compaction. He said that after time the washboard will return and grading will be necessary again, and that eventually the millings get thinner and more dirt will be mixed in with the millings, taking it back to the original condition of a dirt road.
“In an effort to save the investment of the transportation cost and take advantage of the good base material that the asphalt millings provide,” Cooper requested approval to chip seal the road surface.
Cooper said that after presenting Navajo County officials with locations and mileage of the roads, the county has agreed to partner with Snowflake in the chip seal project to help the town stretch its limited funding.
Navajo County estimates the costs for its contribution of labor, equipment and materials to be approximately $40,000. The town’s contribution will be the prep work in advance of the project and traffic control during the project.
“The prep work will involve applying a thin overlay of asphalt hot mix to the washboard areas,” said Cooper, noting that this will help eliminate the re-occurrence of the washboard conditions. He estimated the town’s cost would be $20,000.
Mayor Kelly Willis asked about a road project on Seventh South that was not on the agenda, expressing concern of losing funding.
Cooper explained that he had received a call from the Northern Arizona Council of Governments that day requesting updated information. He said the Arizona Department of Transportation is providing Highway User Revenue Funds for the project and that they have been slow in completing some of the requirements. It is anticipated that the project will begin in 2015.
The council approved a motion made by Vice Mayor Jason Whiting to approve an intergovernmental agreement with Navajo County and the expenditure of approximately $60,000 to complete the chip seal project on sections of West Seventh South, Porter and Country Club roads.
The council also approved a construction contract with MMI Tank and Industrial Services on Oct. 22, 2013, for the rehabilitation of the one million gallon storage tank at the Well No. 1 yard, according to Cooper.
“The project’s requirements were significantly changed,” he said, explaining that when Western Technology performed tests it found that no lead abatement was required, which allowed for a reduction in cost, and changed the surface preparation of the tank’s exterior walls and roof.
The contractor then began sandblasting the tank’s interior, which allowed for inspection of the structural plating and members. Contractors and town staff conducted an inspection on Feb. 5, which revealed a greater amount of corrosion than originally anticipated. Due to the metal loss, the interior coating system must beupgraded and all secondary support columns must be replaced.
Cooper outlined the change order that will be done through a Water Infrastructure Financing Authority loan. The original contract amount was $295,802.37, and the revised contract amount is $309,545.37.
The council approved the change orders to the construction contract for well no. 1, rehabilitation of water storage tank project with MMI Tank and Industrial Services for $13,743 for a revised contract amount of $309,545.37.
The council approved Resolution No. 14-08 adopting the fair housing policy presented by Cathie McDowell.
“When you read it, we want our town to be fair and non-discriminatory,” she said.