Apr 112014

By Tammy Gray
Companies wishing to do business with Navajo County will have less paperwork to contend with for sales or services totaling less than $100,000.
The board of supervisors voted Tuesday to revise the county’s purchasing policy to increase the threshold amount for the formal bidding process. The previous policy required a formal bidding process for expenditures of more than $50,000. The change doubles that amount to $100,000.
Deputy Finance Director Mary Springer told the board that the revision will make it easier for the county to work with local businesses.
“Right now, buying local is a challenge,” Springer said. “This will give us more latitude.”
Under the new policy, procurements that are less than $1,000 may be made without receipt of written quotes. The policy notes, “Competition as is practicable. Three oral quotes as practical.” Procurements between $1,000 and $100,000 require at least three written quotes, but a formal process to receive those quotes is not necessary. Procurements more than $100,000 require use of the formal bidding process.
Springer told the board that the new policy is in compliance with state law regarding government procurements.
Board Chairman Jesse Thompson noted, “I think this will accelerate the process and let us do what we need to do.”
In other action April 8, the board:
* Approved a memorandum of agreement with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to provide county funding for an equipment operator to perform maintenance on Bureau of Indian Affairs roads in the amount of $25,000.
* Approved a two-month contract for a tribal liaison at a cost of $1,000 per month plus travel expenses.
The liaison, Roman Bitsui, will work to obtain funding for road projects on tribal lands.
* Approved property tax abatements as presented by Treasurer Manny Hernandez.
He noted that the abatements are on property that cannot be located for taxation, such as mobile homes that have been moved.
* Approved the purchase of a 2015 GMC Sierra for $33,672 for bioterrorism defense from Hatch Motor Company and a 2014 Ford Escape for $26,441 for the motor pool from Show Low Ford.
* Awarded contracts to Cactus Transport and Hawker and Evans Asphalt Company for the supply of liquid asphalt products.
* Proclaimed April as Fair Housing Month.
The next regular board meeting is scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 22, at the county complex in Holbrook.