Apr 112014

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council met in a special session Tuesday to hear presentations by three applicants for the Winslow attorney contract. Each attorney or law firm gave a 30-minute presentation.
The first applicant was attorney Ellen M. Van Riper of Phoenix. She was the only applicant who was applying as a sole attorney, and said that she would be a jack of all trades who has statewide experience and has done everything a city attorney is expected to do. She has worked for Peoria and Cave Creek, and virtually all over the state. Her application contained a proposed pay scale.
Kellie A. Peterson and Kenneth H. Brindel, representing the law firm of Mangum, Wall, Stoops and Warden of Flagstaff, spoke next. They noted that their firm has many attorneys, including three partners and two associates, as well as other employees who would be able to furnish the city with what and who it needs. Their proposal contained an hourly fee schedule.
Doug Brown and Nick Patton spoke representing the law firm of Brown and Brown of Pinetop. Patton is the son of retiring City Attorney Dale Patton. They said that Nick Patton would be in Winslow at least a couple of days a week and that his legal assistant Lisa Johnson would be assigned to Winslow. They spoke of the towns and school districts in northern Arizona they have represented. Dale Patton said that the city does have a cost proposal from them but that such was not to be part of this agenda.
After the applicants left there was some discussion and a motion was passed to check references, and that more discussion and a possible decision would be coming soon.