Apr 252014

By Nick Worth
A new fee schedule for Holbrook city facilities will go into effect this summer. The city council voted unanimously Tuesday night to set new rates at the swimming pool and ball fields in town.
The rates will be lower this year, with free swimming added for some age groups.
“The revenue line item for recreation in the budget is $13,000. It costs us $40,000 to $50,000 to run it,” City Manager Ray Alley told The Tribune-News. “It’s a way we can pay back our community.”
Fees for the swimming pool will be $1.50 for children aged 16 and 17. Swimmers aged 18 to 61 will pay $2 to swim. Children up to 15 years old, and adults over the age of 62 will swim for free.
A pass for 40 swims is available to 16 and 17-year-olds will cost $35. An adult pass for 35 swims will cost $55.
Unlimited swim passes for a family of three will cost $100. A pass for a family of four will cost $120 and for a family of five or more, $145.
Water aerobics will cost $10 per month and swimming lessons will cost $10 for 10 lessons.
The pool facilities can be rented for $50 per hour, with a $25 cleaning deposit, which will be refunded only if the pool is left in a satisfactory condition.
The rental fee covers the cost of a minimum of two lifeguards. For parties of 45 to 70 people, three lifeguards are required. Four guards are needed for parties of more than 70 people. Extra lifeguards will cost an additional $10 each per hour.
The ball fields area available for adult activities will cost $10 per hour for the softball and hardball field lights. Tournaments will be charged $30 per field, per day, which will be waived for non-profit groups. There will also be a concession stand key deposit of $25, which will be returned when the key is handed back. A $25 cleaning deposit will also be returned once the bathrooms and concession stand are cleaned.
“Historically we lose money on our airport, golf course, pool, ball fields and library,” Alley told the council. He said the fees were set low in order to allow more people to use the facilities.
“They are already funded by the general fund,” said Mayor Jeff Hill. “It’s a quality of life thing we can provide to the people.”
City Clerk Cher Reyes noted the new fees would go into effect two days before the pool opens for the summer.