Apr 252014

By Nick Worth
A surprise visit by Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) inspectors resulted in 60 citations, City Manager Ray Alley told the Holbrook City Council Tuesday night.
According to Alley, the inspectors were in Holbrook last Wednesday, April 16, to inspect the new Navajo County Public Works building and after checking, realized the City of Holbrook had not been inspected in more than 20 years.
“They just decided to do an inspection since they were up here,” Alley told The Tribune-News. “It’s not that anybody turned us in for anything.
“I spent four hours on Wednesday and eight hours on Thursday with them,” he told the council. “I showed them around every city facility.”
Alley said the 60 infractions were for minor matters such as cover plates missing from electrical outlets, no ground fault interrupt outlet near the drinking fountain at the police department, fire extinguishers not mounted on walls and similar minor problems.
“There is no fine on those,” Alley said. “We just need to fix them.” He added that 95 percent of the problems have been fixed in the days since the inspection.
“There were three serious problems that were found,” Alley said. “The first was that the two above-ground car lifts need to be inspected and certified every year. I was not aware of that.”
Alley said a similar problem arose with a chain lift used to pull pumps and motors. It also needs to be inspected and certified annually.
The third problem was with a table saw which had no blade guard. Alley said the saw is never used and will be thrown away.
Each of the three violations carries a $2,500 fine, for a total of $7,500, Alley told the council.
“I may be able to bring it down to $700 each,” he said.
He added that an inspector will still need to be hired and inspections performed on the auto lifts and chain lift.
“Are we going to have to add another line item for all of this?” Vice Mayor Charles Haussman asked, referring to the budget.
“Yes. It’s going to cost around $4,000 to $5,000 for all the safety fixes,” Alley said.
Alley told the council that all 49 of the city’s fire extinguishers in the various facilities had been regularly inspected by Doyce Stuart, the city’s safety officer.
“It could have been catastrophic if we weren’t already practicing safety,” Alley said.
In other action April 22, the council:
* Approved an ordinance setting fees for recreational and tourism events sponsored by the City of Holbrook.
* Approved a resolution amending the fees for use of city recreation facilities.
* Appointed an airport advisory committee to review the request for qualifications for airport consultation.
Alley noted that there is an existing airport advisory committee and suggested they also be used for this task. He said he had not yet asked the others if they would continue to serve on the committee.
“Let’s talk to them first and then we’ll put it on the agenda,” said Mayor Jeff Hill.
Councilman Wade Carlisle then moved to approve the committee, depending upon the members’ acceptance. Councilman Richard Peterson seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
* Approved the purchase of a 23 HP Kubota tractor for no more than $23,396.96.
Alley said the tractor would replace a 1972 model, which recently broke down, and would serve multiple uses.
Carlisle said he preferred a larger model because of the ease of use of the backhoe attachment, but Alley said he deliberately chose the smaller tractor.
“My main concern is the weight on the lawns,” Alley said. He also added the larger model would be $4,000 to $5,000 more expensive.
“It’s my recommendation to stick with this model,” Alley said. He noted it would be a cash purchase.
The motion passed unanimously.
* Heard a request by Jim Hudgens that the city install four street lights on Mission Lane. He said the area is very dark at night and felt it was a public safety issue.
Hill asked Alley to look into the matter.
* Approved a proclamation recognizing Youth Week.
* Approved claims payments of $72,986.64.
* Approved claims payments of $919 to Walt’s Hardware.