Apr 252014

By Sam Conner
Winslow Finance Director Teresa Foy presented the city council with two options regarding water and sewer rates Tuesday evening, one from a policy used by the City of Wickenburg, and a second moving bars from the third and highest rate group to the second and middle rate group.
City Manager Stephen Pauken noted that there was a third option, which was to make no changes.
The council looked over the options and discussed them.
Pauken said that he and the city staff were not for the first option, which would mostly cost non-profit organizations, the hospital and medical offices and facilities.
The council voted unanimously to take the second option and move the five bars to the second and middle sewer rate, which is estimated to lower their sewer bills by an estimated $500 per month.
While meeting as the Winslow Public Housing Authority, the council approved minutes of a previous meeting and adopted three resolutions, which amended the authority’s administrative plan and its policy limiting expenditures from the unrestricted net asset account.
Housing Director Jesse Fernandez explained how those and approval of the authority’s assessment system recovery plan would help the city.