May 072014

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Town Council unanimously approved payment of $911,612 to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) due under an intergovernmental agreement for box culverts across State Route 277 for phase 2 of the Southern Solution during a special session held April 29. The town will be reimbursed for a large portion of that cost.
Finance Director Brian Richards explained that an invoice he recently received had to be paid by April 30 or the town would have to pay a five percent contingency, which was estimated to be $150,000.
For several years the town has been working on the Southern Solution, which will reduce the flood hazard and help protect commercial residents and their properties, government properties and critical facilities, such as the wastewater treatment plant, from flooding.
Work has been completed up to the box culverts located across SR 277 from the LDS Temple View Chapel and across SR 277 near Putter’s Paradise. This agreement covers those box culverts.
This project is being funded through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant that requires matching money of 25 percent, but the Arizona Department of Emergency Management, Navajo County and the town will contribute to the match.
Attending the meeting were Vice Mayor Jason Whiting, and Councilmen Kerry Ballard, Stuart Hensley and Tom Poscharsky.