May 092014

By Sam Conner

The recent capital improvement survey sent to Winslow citizens in their water bills showed that most of the 602 surveys returned listed the animal care facility as their highest priority. That item topped the 13 items listed with 192 votes. The items listed included those capital improvement projects the city staff felt had importance or were currently in the works. People could also make suggestions or comments, and many did.

Sidewalks, curbs and gutters drew 178 votes and quite a few comments. The senior center repair or relocation garnered 173 votes. A new library building collected 136 votes. Other projects included indoor pool improvements, which drew 93 votes; a skateboard park, 74 votes; a shooting range, 69 votes; the Route 66 Plaza and other downtown improvements, 61 votes; a Clear Creek boat ramp, 60 votes; and other park improvements, 58 votes.

Airport improvements managed just 37 votes, but drew more than a few comments about the need for this in order to keep the firefighting planes here.

New racquetball courts collected 33 votes and new tennis courts, 19.

Improvements at the cemetery were suggested by multiple responders, as were a golf course and a new fire station.

There were many comments offered, including more than one suggesting that the management of the animal care facility was more important than the building. More than a few noted in some way that the city needs to attract businesses that create jobs.