May 142014

By Linda Kor

The Winslow School Board met on May 7 to address several changes in staffing positions and increases to the fees for community use of school facilities.

Superintendent Doug Watson informed the board that when individuals use the school’s facilities, it often causes a lot of extra work and incurs additional expenses. The fee schedule has remained the same for more than five years and it was recommended that the rates for using the facilities be increased.

After a review of the information presented the board approved increases to categories designated as Class I or Class II, with Class I referring to school-sponsored activities, teacher organizations, school clubs, PTA organizations, Boy Scouts, booster clubs, Girl Scouts, the Arizona Youth Soccer Organization and the Little League program; and Class II referring to the community college, community concerts, recitals and extended day resource programs, and church, civic, government, service, cultural and educational organizations.

Changes to the fees include the use of the old gym and elementary multi purpose facility, which have been increased from $125 to $200 per day for Class I, and $250 to $400 per day for Class II. The new gym will change from $250 to $400 for Class I and $500 to $800 for Class II. The football field and Student Union from $500 to $800 for Class I and $1,000 to $1,600 for Class II, with an increase from $250 to $400 for the use of football field lights for Class I and $500 to $800 for Class II. Classroom use will go from $50 to $100 per day for Class I and $100 to $200 per day for Class II. The library will change from $150 to $250 for Class I and $300 to $400 for Class II.

There will also be a $10 increase, from $25 to $35 per hour for a supervisor, clean-up and key deposit.

It was also noted that a person, group or organization may contribute goods or render services as full or partial payment of the use fee.

Assistant Superintendent Lance Heister addressed the board regarding position descriptions for Health Aide and Nurse. He stated that the administration was proposing the consolidation of all nursing services under the classification of Health Technician. The district has four aides and a registered nurse with the idea that the RN would oversee the work of the aides but that structure has proved ineffective in providing services at each campus. After consultation with the State Board of Nursing, the recommendation that was approved by the board is that employees be termed Health Technicians.     The board also approved the additional responsibilities and the addition of a new salary schedule. Among the qualifications listed is that a Health Technician would need to hold a current Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) certification, and have both CPR and first aid training.

In other matters, the board approved a final budget revision to the 2013-14 budget with a reduction of $103,198 in the Maintenance and operations budget and a $66,801 decrease to the unrestricted capital budget.

The board also approved the adjustment to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) certified staff salary schedule that would allow them to advance on the salary schedule like other certified staff with additional classes.

Adjustments were made to the agreement for retired employees who return to work on a lease agreement. According to Watson, ESI must now provide minimal health insurance coverage to its employees and they will pass that cost on to the districts. The board approved the cost coverage for employees eligible for this year only and left the matter for reconsiderations at a future date for subsequent years. The motion passed 3-1 with board member Marian Scheid in opposition.

The board also approved a motion that stated requirements for an on campus suspension S.A.F.E. room aide be amended to require that the aide have Arizona Department of Education certification.

Superintendent Watson informed the board that a request for bids was sent to six vendors and three sealed bids were received for 500 refurbished Dell laptop computers. The lowest bid meeting all the specifications was accepted for approval by the board for Everyday PC of Florence, Ky. at a cost of $178,000 plus tax.

The board also approved insurance changes from Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust. Rates for medical insurance will increase by 1.33 percent but the district will absorb that increase with the 1.4 percent increase from state funds.

Also approved were the acceptance of donations in the amount of $166 to Jefferson Elementary School and $82 to Washington Elementary School from Arizona Restaurant Systems, Inc. for Sonic Night.

The board also authorized three employees and 17 students to travel to Aztec, N.M., June 12-13, for wrestling camp; and four employees and 16 students to travel to San Diego, Calif., July 16-21, for a girls’ basketball tournament.     In other business, the board:

* Approved the resignation of the following personnel effective May 29: Carolyn Krueger, elementary school music teacher; Leland Billie, reading teacher, Winslow Junior High School; Brandie Barr, first grade teacher, Jefferson Elementary; Rosanne Lammey, kindergarten teacher Washington Elementary; Janice Thompson, classroom aide, Bonnie Brennan School; and Lynnissa DeSpain, classroom aide, Washington Elementary. Other resignations included Stephanie Nelson, S.A.F.E. room aide, WJHS, effective April 14; and Bonnie Waldrop, special education director, effective June 30.

* Approved the transfer of the following personnel: Cecilia Estudillo from substitute teacher to counselor at Winslow High School; Wilbur Brady, from substitute bus driver to bus driver; Valerie Huerta, from secretary at WJHS to bookkeeper at WHS; Dominique Reid, from kindergarten teacher to first grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary; Erick Petranovich, from special education teacher at WJHS to special education teacher at Jefferson Elementary; Pam VanArsdale, from fourth grade teacher to fifth grade teacher at Bonnie Brennan Magnet School; Steve Brodt, from sixth grade teacher to fourth grade teacher at Bonnie Brennan; Stephanie Lymer, from secretary at Washington Elementary to secretary at WJHS; and Jodie Garner, from data coach for the district to principal at Jefferson Elementary.

* Approved the hiring of Sheila Bailey, substitute teacher; and Andrew LeGate and Nina Ortiz, emergency substitute teachers.

* Approved a non-renewal of contract for Ronald Silverman, social studies teacher at WHS, effective May 29.

* Approved the termination of Chea Cavin, WHS high needs special education aide, effective May 7.