May 282014

The Arizona Game and Fish Department recently completed its largest stocking of warmwater fish in the Lakeside-Pinetop and Show Low areas in more than 20 years.

Fool Hollow and Woodland lakes received about 6,000 sunfish (600 pounds) between the two lakes, and Rainbow Lake, Scott Reservoir and Show Low Lake shared roughly 4,000 catfish (3,500 pounds). The stockings occurred between May 21 and May 23.

This additional stocking effort was the result of the department having surplus year-end funds designated for warmwater fish.

Mike Lopez, the Fisheries Program ranger, said this stocking “will complement the ongoing trout stocking already occurring in lakes and streams across the mountain, giving anglers a greater opportunity and variety of fish. Warmwater fish already occur in these lakes but in relatively low density, so this stocking will greatly boost their numbers and allow more people to catch them.”

These warmwater fish will also be much more active as the summer heats up, which coincides with the timing that trout get stressed and become less active. This stocking should extend the good fishing farther into the summer.