May 302014

By Sam Conner

The Winslow City Council met on Tuesday evening as the Winslow Public Housing Authority before its regular session. In that meeting it passed eight resolutions. The resolutions amended the authority’s operating budget for fiscal year 2013-14, which was said to be necessary every year; approved fee accountants of Lindsey, Inc. to amend the authority’s year end low rent budget; approved the authority’s utility allowance schedule; and approved its operating budget for 2014-15.

Housing Director Jesse Fernandez said that he expects to spend less this year on material, as much has already been done.

Also approved was amending the housing authority’s violence against women reauthorization act of 2013. It amended its plan and admissions, and continued occupancy policies, as well as the continued occupancy flat rent schedule.

Finally, staff was authorized to write off outstanding checks and delinquent debts. Fernandez said that this will likely need to be done every three months from now on, as it has been an area of problems in dealing with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.