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Jun 202014

By Samantha Edwards

As the 2013-14 school year concluded, two students at Hulet Elementary School in Holbrook, Emely Trujillo and Ramon Liu, merited recognition for their excellent academic performance and kind dispositions.

Emely, who was a fourth grader at Hulet last semester, recently moved to Pinetop. While attending Hulet, she was a student in Kim Jaster’s class, and gained a reputation for her glowing smile and eagerness to serve her classmates whenever they needed help.

Jaster remarked that never in 13 years’ experience had she met a student who was as “kind-hearted” as Emely. Perhaps due to her innately compassionate nature, Emely has the desire to become a teacher. She is also very smart, and intends to go to college.

Ramon also wishes to attend college, but the vocation that he wants to pursue is not teaching; it is practicing medicine.

His favorite subject is math, and he practices it at home frequently. When asked why he makes such an effort to work hard, he simply replied, “I like to grow up and be really smart!” Ramon has earned outstanding grades, and his teacher, Cindy McDaniels, emphasized that he has an incredibly bright mind, and is not afraid to raise his hand and kindly ask for an explanation if he is confused.

McDaniels not only values Ramon’s willingness to learn, but also his calm, respectful attitude during class.

These students will enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. This fall, though, they will undoubtedly pick up their education where they left off and continue to impress teachers with their ambitious, thoughtful outlooks on life.

Emely Trujillo

Emely Trujillo

Ramon Liu

Ramon Liu

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