Jun 202014

By Naomi Hatch

Every seven years the Town of Snowflake is eligible for the next round of the Regional Transportation Improvement Program coordinated by the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) and administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

Public Works Superintendent Terry Cooper addressed the issue at the June 10 town council meeting, noting that, “Even though the last federal aid hasn’t been completed, a project must be approved by the council and submitted for 2020 funds.

Cooper said that the Seventh Street project was approved for 2013, but that there have been delays, mainly because of ADOT.   “It is still on schedule for next fall,” he said.

He suggested three projects for the 2020 funds, noting that only four roads have been approved for the funding, including Centennial Blvd., Old Woodruff Road, Snowflake Blvd./Concho Highway and Seventh South.

Cooper explained that he has started the process to get other roads on the list such as Freeman Hollow and possibly First East. “Not knowing if we can get that process done prior to this project being awarded, we’re better off selecting one of these projects for 2020,” he advised the council.

Cooper suggested the following projects:

* Mill and pave approximately one mile of Snowflake Blvd., which would start approximately one-quarter mile east of Old Woodruff Road and continue east for approximately one mile, ending approximately 500 feet east of the entrance into the Snowflake Heights Subdivision.

* Widen Centennial Blvd. with a bike lane, ribbon curb and shoulder work, which would be the entire length of Centennial Blvd. within Snowflake town limits, which is approximately 1.5 miles.

* Reconstruct approximately half a mile of Old Woodruff Road, which would be similar to what is going to be done on Seventh South. The length of the project is based on the scope of work for the Seventh South project, as funding would be similar, Cooper said.

Because of the short distance that these funds would cover for the Old Woodruff Road and Snowflake Blvd. project, and because of the community enhancement, council members said they felt Centennial Blvd. would be the best project.

The council unanimously approved the Centennial Blvd. project as the town’s 2020 Regional Transportation Improvement Program street project.