Jun 202014

By Naomi Hatch

“This item has been ongoing,” said Snowflake Town Manager Paul Watson of the Southern Solution, which will control flooding from the golf course to the industrial park. “We are finally starting to see a glimmer of what the light might look like at the end of the tunnel.”

Watson asked the council to approve an easement and maintenance agreement for drainage for Southern Solution Channel with the Apache Railway.

The agreement will allow the town to put in the drainage channel that runs along the north side of the highway on property owned by the railway.

Watson explained that the original concept was to put the drainage channel in the Arizona Department of Transportation right-of-way, but using the ADOT easement would have required relocating power poles.

Watson further explained that the easement was surveyed as Apache Railway had required, giving a recordable easement.

This will be better for both the railway and the town because power poles will not have to be relocated.

A motion to approve the easement and maintenance agreement passed unanimously.