Jun 202014

By Linda Kor

During the June 10 meeting of the Winslow City Council, resident Judy Howell addressed the council with concerns regarding the capacity of the new animal shelter being built.

The current shelter has 23 working kennels that, according to Howell, held two or more dogs each at the end of May. A free pet adoption program that began at the end of May featured 49 dogs and puppies up for adoption. By the end of the week, 19 animals remained at the shelter.

Howell expressed concern that although the facility may not have any dogs come in for several days, there are other days when two to five animals are brought in, and a small shelter with only 10 kennels would not be able to house them all.

In a story regarding the council meeting in the June 13 edition of The Tribune News, it was stated that City Manager Stephen Pauken objected to having the facility called a catch and kill operation. He said that the shelter does not kill and does everything possible to avoid killing.

Howell later stated that she in no way meant to imply that the current facility or the staff were operating a kill facility, that she was only stating that even if they only held the animals for 72 hours, such as a kill shelter would, a 10-kennel dog shelter would be too small.

Howell’s objective in presenting the information was to ask the council to consider building the larger 25-kennel facility that was originally presented. She noted that she felt that her message was misunderstood by the council.

“I have a very good relationship with the employees at the shelter and don’t want to give the impression that they are not doing all that they can. I just think a smaller kennel would create more problems,” she said.

The council voted in February to approve a revised plan for a smaller shelter at a cost of $490,000, a savings of $150,000 over the larger one that was originally proposed.