Jun 202014

By Naomi Hatch

Kris Neff of Taylor has been writing short stories since he attended Snowflake High School. “I never was really good at English, but always had a good imagination,” Neff recalled.

He took English 101 at Northland Pioneer College, and his instructor was a really good teacher who interested him in writing. “After English 102 class I knew I could really do this and started teaching myself how to write,” said Neff. “I studied how other people have done it.”

Neff owns and operates Muffler Master in Taylor, and writes in the evening or when business is slow.

His first book, No Place to Hide, was published in 2010 and in May, his second book, The Prodigal, was unveiled. The Prodigal is the story of two brothers and is based on the Prodigal Son in the Bible.

The younger brother is more rebellious and goes into the Army, where his unit was serving in Pakistan’s Northern Province when they were captured. The review states, “When the military is unable to mount an offensive to rescue Taylor Sutton and his unit of Army Rangers, Michael moves forward with his own plans unwittingly becoming ensnared in the treacherous plots of power hungry men.”

“This book is about a family torn apart by the younger son’s actions, but they learn to forgive him and accept him for who he is and how he is,” said Neff. The father invites his son’s army unit for Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s a family based story with forgiveness,” said Neff.

   The Prodigal is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, or at Muffler Masters, located at 610 S. Main St. in Taylor.

Photo by Naomi Hatch Kris Neff's second book, The Prodigal, is a modern retelling of the Prodigal Son.

Photo by Naomi Hatch
Kris Neff’s second book, The Prodigal, is a modern retelling of the Prodigal Son.