Jul 092014

By Naomi Hatch

Gus Lundberg, Taylor Town Manager, was requesting guidance from the council at their Wednesday, July 2, council meeting regarding discussion staff had about printing signs for the parks and cemetery that gave set hours they would be open.

Lundberg said there had been issues brought to staff by police officers, which included Freeman Park, Taylor ballpark and the cemetery.

“I’m for order,” said Councilor Lynn DeWitt who expressed concern of abused authority.

Councilor Shawn Palmer said he was aware of a gentleman who exercises on the walking path at odd hours because of his work schedule and Councilor Jason Brubaker asked if it was closed they could camp there, which they could not.

“If we vote on this, I feel like we’re making everybody fit in the same category. Dusk to dawn, you must comply and to me that has the scent of Moscow and that’s not free Taylor, ” said Palmer.

Mayor Fay Hatch said to Lundberg that it looked like the council would not approve setting hours and suggested this item be tabled. A motion to table setting park hours passed unanimously.