Jul 112014

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition July 2 at the Linden Valley Arena.

Results for Open Barrels follow.

In 1-D competition, Ella Wilcox, riding Sterling, won with a time of 18.153, earning $277.59; followed by Tarryn Lee on Zonie in 18.560, earning $166.56; and Bonnie Stradling on Woody in 18.646, earning $111.04.

In 2-D competition, B.J. Saloman, riding Mick Jagger, won with a time of 18.666, earning $190.35; followed by Lisa Johnson on Brice and Michele Stock on Payday in 18.680, each earning $118.97; London Willis on Macy Grey in 18.698, earning $47.59; Cari Zenkawich on Pistol in 18.706; Shasta Van Cleave on Pokey Red Bee in 18.916; Nikki Muzrall on Peanut in 18.938; Kayla Cascio on Blaze in 18.984; and Geneva Kelly on Hershey in 19.059.

In 3-D competition, Carolee DeWitt, riding Tiny’s Gay Hawk, won with a time of 19.172, earning $126.90; followed by Randy Johnson on Garnet in 19.264, earning $95.17; Debbie Garvin on Jo’s Pistol Dun It in 19.359, earning $63.45; Dereck Curley on Romeo in 19.379, earning $31.73; Rosita Singer on Dixie in 19.542; Sydney Vigneux on Willow in 19.579; Jayme Fish on Bonner in 19.633; Jayme Fish on Cane in 19.754; Jolene Baird on Jessie in 19.778; Michele Ulibarri on Mea in 19.788; Jessica Wolfe on Not the Cheetin’ Kind in 19.858; Dee Perkins on Cutie in 19.895; Tammy Davis on Rocky in 19.912; and Danielle Winn on Grace in 20.125.

In 4-D competition, Kent Darris, riding Booger, won with a time of 20.753, earning $95.18; followed by Shyann Stephens on Chuck in 20.998, earning $71.38; Regan Starns on Bitty in 21.388, earning $47.59; Jessica Wolfe on Bumble Bee in 21.396, earning $23.79; Shelly Wolfe on Lulu in 21.669; Leilani Canez on Nellie in 23.846; Betty Campbell on First Down Boone in 25.089; Alyssa Brown on Cheyenne in 25.104; and Gail Campbell on Kaci’s Royal Dash, Marcella Francis on Bill, Kallie Brannon on Nitro, Michele Stock on Lena, Sydney Phillips on Cash, Patti Swapp on Addie Lena, Alyssa Brown on Elvis, Patti Swapp on King Tut, Staci Kelly on Showgirl, Pandy Wyatt on Lena, Greg Schindler on Express, Elynna Kelly on Slick and Linda Fagotti on Hazel, all with no time.

Results for Youth follow.

In 1-D competition, Mylea McBride, riding Soda Pop, won with a time of 19.846, earning $43.75; followed by Bailee Bain on Kaddy Perry in 19.923.

In 2-D competition, Staci Hancock, riding Banjo, won with a time of 22.295, earning $38.50.

In 4-D competition, Tyree Hancock, riding Newt, won with a time of 29.018, earning $22.75.

Results for Leadline follow.

In 1-D competition, Rustyn McBride, riding Terry, won with a time of 22.794, earning $17.50; followed by Rhyanna Sarnocinski on Nitro in 24.404, earning $15; Alex McBride on Terry in 29.253, earning $10; Brandon Sarnocinski on Nitro in 36.022, earning $5; and Tambra McNeil on Schuster in 54.924, earning $2.50.