Jul 112014

By Linda Kor

The Holbrook School District Governing Board gave final approval to a $22.9 million budget July 8 following a brief public hearing that passed with no comments from the public.

There were no changes made from the proposed budget approved by the board last month. Highlights include a slight increase of four-tenths of one percent in the maintenance and operations budget, and a 1.9 percent increase in expenditures for regular education instruction and special education instruction.

In addition, the excessive property tax valuation judgment payment to Transwestern Pipeline budgeted at $666,245 is planned for payment in fiscal year 2014-15. Unrestricted capital outlay funding is projected to decrease by 23.3 percent.

It was noted that there would be no increase to the overall combined primary and secondary local property taxes.

In other action, the board:

* Approved Frontier Communications, Navajo Communications, Unisource, Arizona Public Service Co., Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Pitney Bowes, Tyler Technology, Windsor Management, Arizona School Boards Association, Arizona Interscholastic Association, City of Holbrook, Route 66 Lumber, Walt’s Hardware, Tractor Supply, Assessment Technology, The Tribune-News, Vail Unified School District, Navajo Sanitation, Scholastic Software, Postage by Phone, Western Refineries/Firebird Fuel and Briggs Marketing Inc. as sole source providers.

* Approved an intergovernmental agreement between the district and the Navajo County Community College District.

* Approved the food program service agreement with the Arizona Department of Education, and authorized Jacob Boyle and Sunny Obren to act on behalf of the district to operate the food service program.

* Approved a memorandum of agreement for classroom construction between the district and the Navajo Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation Department to cost share the construction of the Indian Wells Elementary School preschool addition.

* Authorized Board President Olivia Jaquez to sign the desegregation verification report form as presented, verifying that the district’s desegregation program is in compliance with state mandates.

* Approved Jacob Boyle, Judy Jones, Sally O’Dell, Brenda Mangum and Valerie Hatch as authorized check signers for specific accounts and student activity club accounts.

* Approved a payment of a $229 stipend to all returning teachers for the 2014-15 school year.

* Approved the resignation of Linda McMahon, including an assessed $1,000 in liquidated damages for resigning before the completion of her contract.

* Approved the employee handbook for the 2014-15 school year.

* Approved the support staff hiring of Raul Mendoza, Holbrook High School head cross country coach; Brandon O’Dell, HHS assistant football coach and assistant track coach; Richard Peterson and Linda Crumrine, HHS game help; Chantell Nelson, district student worker; Pam Cox, Hulet Elementary School special education para-professional; and Kenia Alvarado, Tommy McLaws, Micah McClellan, Levi McClellan Joseph Holl, Dacey Hendrix, Zachary McLaws and Wyatt McLaws, student cafeteria workers.

* Approved the certified staff hiring of Meghan Payne, HHS English teacher; David Tremonti, Holbrook Junior High School special education teacher; Luke Weeks, HHS English teacher; Bailey Wilhelm, long term substitute; Ruth Hansen, Park Elementary School kindergarten teacher; Twyla Taylor, Andre Swedberg, Jerry Goodman, Paul Jaster, David Jensen, Cathy Luke, Richard Peterson and Barry Silverstein, substitute teachers; Beth Self, Hulet Harmonizers choir; Doug Hansen, Hulet School detention; Eldon Ferguson, Hulet School technology cadre, detention; and Patty Hansen and Kerry Perkins, Hulet School Intervention Assistance Team.

* Approved the resignations of Shelia Rainey-Knox, HHS paraprofessional; Merlinda Gonnie, bus driver; Fannie Curtis, HJHS library aide; and Virginia Pond, HHS secretary, as well as the termination of Helvina Attakai, substitute custodian.

* Approved extra duty forMelody Myers and Amanda Remos for IWES preschool 45-day evaluations/screenings; Ginny Novell, HHS tech cadre and game help; Kyle Gardner, HHS Swing Thing; Melicia Thompson, HHS Student Council sponsor; Janie Sandoval, HHS Science Club sponsor; Julie Foree, HHS National Honor Society sponsor; Erik Carlson, HHS Key Club and yearbook sponsor; Chris Obren, HHS Fusion and co-marching band; and Nichole Lozano, HHS cheer consultant.

Also, Sarah Meeks, HHS Band; John Bokker, HHS head wrestling coach, head football coach and summer weights coach; Nick Moyte, HHS assistant wrestling coach; Leslie Baldonado, HHS head volleyball coach; Cheryl Carlson, HHS assistant volleyball coach, game help and Spiritline winter head coach; Paul Demuth, HHS head track coach; Jody Good, HHS assistant track coach; Teri Tafoya, Debbie McKee and Brenda Mangum, HHS ticket sellers; Claude Bakurza, HHS head softball coach and assistant girls’ basketball coach; and Emma Hubbard, HHS assistant softball coach.

Also, Delmar Johnson, HHS assistant softball coach, game help and intramural boys’ basketball coach; Beth Baloo, HHS head girls’ soccer coach; Lelia Demuth HHS Running Club sponsor and game help; Donna Campbell, HHS Outdoor Club sponsor; Brady Pond, HHS head baseball coach and game help; Tim Yazzie, Lou Ann McLaws, Dwayne Hawk and Saraphina Benally, HHS game help; Greg Perkins, HHS head girls’ basketball coach, game help and intramural girls’ basketball coach; Delwinn Novell, HHS head golf coach; and Gregory Ethridge, HHS assistant football coach.

Also, Melissa John, HHS assistant cross country coach; Daniel Mitchell, HHS head chess coach; Carey Kester, HHS fall head basketball coach and Spiritline coach; Frank Stacey, HHS assistant girls’ basketball coach; Alex Baker, Kendall Bakurza and Scott Baker, HHS assistant baseball coaches; Cale Allen, IWES basketball camp coach; Luis Alvarez, IWES student services; Javier Quintana and Jacob Baker, grounds workers; Teri White, Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology career tech; Karen Frank, IWES playground supervisor; Alfred Clark, summer activities/parent liaison; Deb Koerperich, Park School mentor; and Virginia Pond and Shaleigh Hall, Park Performers.

* Approved gifts and donations from Alco totaling $436.40.

* Approved professional leave for Charlie Haussman, Ginny Novell, Jeremy Madison, Dale Larsen and Richard McPherson to attend the 2014 Summer Career and Technical Education Conference scheduled July 12-16 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $5,819.04; and Janelle Chee, CIB Update, June 23 in Window Rock at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle.

* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers totaling $309,202.23, and payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,543,086.23.

* Approved revisions to the Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection policy for final reading and adoption.

* Held the first reading of revisions to the policy regarding professional staff evaluations.