Jul 112014

By Sam Conner

The Winslow City Council had to postpone action on an ordinance to set the property tax levy as it called for an emergency action and such an ordinance needs six yes votes. Only four council members were present, Vice Mayor Harold Soehner and Councilmen Thomas Chacon, Curtis Hardy and Marshall Losey. That ordinance will be considered the next time at least six members are present.

The council received reports from City Clerk Susie Wetzel on recent city activities, and from Public Works and Facilities Director Scott Lancaster on his department’s master plan. Lancaster distributed copies of a master plan adopted in 2006 and spoke about plans for the future, as well as projects completed since then during his brief report.

Allen Rosenbaum spoke about the animal control facility, noting that it has one full-time employee and is seeking another. He said that the staff has been catching feral cats and neutering them, then returning them where they were caught, noting that the practice is getting results. He said that the facility has 29 adoptable animals. He will give regular reports on animal control activities in the future.

Kenn Evans asked the council to consider bringing the American Veterans Traveling Tribute and the Texas Tribute Replica of the Vietnam Memorial to Winslow. The cost of such an exhibition, which would be in Winslow in July 2015, would be $9,000.

Evans spoke of the value of having the exhibit in town.

Marie LaMarr said that the city should provide the funds if donations were not sufficient.

Councilman Curtis Hardy noted that it was a lot of money, but seconded a motion to have the city attorney evaluate the contract. The motion passed unanimously.

A resolution repealing a resolution authorizing the formation of the Community Housing Corporation was adopted.

City Attorney Ellen Van Riper explained that this corporation no longer exists, and that the Public Housing Authority does what it was formed to do.

An ordinance was adopted amending the ordinance setting the schedule of rates, fees and charges. There were very few changes.

During the call to the public, Sarah O’Connell spoke about the many services the senior center provides for the elderly.

Evans thanked the city for its support of the recent Freedom Festival.

The council approved the check register, minutes of its June 24 meeting, closure of Hicks Avenue between First and Second Street and waiver of vendor fees for the annual fire truck tug on Sept. 27, an inmate labor contract with the Department of Corrections and the release schedule for non-departmental subsidies.

Prior to the regular meeting, the council met as the Winslow Public Housing Authority to approve its annual plan.