Jul 112014

Seven Winslow families will open their gardens to the public from 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, July 12. Each garden is unique, and each gardener will share different ideas and concepts on gardening. No admission will be charged. The Hancocks, who live at 1598 French Road in Bushman Acres, garden traditionally, as well as implementing bag and container gardening. They can share lifelong secrets and experiences of growing plants in northern Arizona. The Rodriquez gardens at 521 E. Maple St. offer an opportunity to learn how to start trees, shrubs and all kinds of plants on a budget. They have so many fantastic ideas and are indeed the specialists in the art of rooting new plants from cuttings. Chris Pane, who lives at 418 W. Third St., enjoys experimenting and having fun gardening. She has success growing in just about everything from shipping flats and shopping bags to old boots. The Crisp home at 161 Maricopa Drive includes a garden where you can learn how to grow all your food in raised beds, as well as updated ideas and concepts that anyone can implement. The Scouts have a fantastic group garden growing in straw bales at the Winslow Shriners building at 511 W. Second St. It does not get any easier than straw bale growing. Kenna’s secret garden at 332 W. Maple St. will reveal the concept of edible landscaping and sustainable gardening. Solar cooking information will also be available. The Harvey home, located at 205 W. Lee St., shows how gardening can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. They will show you how to grow fruit trees, as well as a productive garden. Four hours of fantastic garden experiences will be offered on Saturday morning. Just stop by any of these addresses and enjoy.